Photographer Dookie Ducay Shoots His Top Favorite Millennials At The #MegaMillennialBall

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In true MEGA fashion, the annual #MEGAMillennialBall kicked off with only the best of the best guests in attendance. Celebrities, influencers, and personalities alike all flocked to Marquis last June 12 for the biggest event no one wanted to miss. Continuing the trend we set last year, MEGA this time invited 4 of the top photographers in the country to shoot in their own perspective vignette set-ups. One of the photographers is MEGA favorite Dookie Ducay. With a cinematic and moody set design by Princess Barretto that complimented Dookie’s dramatic flair for photography, the resulting photographs are at breathtakingly stunning.

Dookie Ducay

The #MEGAMillennialBall wouldn’t be what it is without our favorite, well-dressed millennials. So we asked Dookie to pick his top 10 favorite millennials—it was hard to choose, we were told—that he photographed during the night. Who made it to his list? Read on to find out!