It’s Time To Ditch The Bra. Here Are All The Intimate Alternatives Available Locally

Raise your hand if you have ever had issues with your bra. All of us? You better check out these alternatives then.

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When I was a little girl, I thought being a grown up would be so much fun. Yeah, nobody told me that I had to live a life trapped in a chest strap for all of my womanhood. There I was prancing around in my mom’s bra without a care in the world. If only I knew. Now that we’re older and none the wiser, we have discovered that we are in fact not completely doomed. In the modern age of technology, we have been provided with options. Gone are the days when bras were deemed as absolutely necessary. Unlike years before, you may now opt for any of the five intimate alternatives we’ve listed down below. It’s about time we ditch the bra.

Nipple Covers
Every model and their mothers have moved on to nipple covers. They’re the next big thing after push up bras. Although one should make no mistake, the nipple cover is not a nipple tape. They are tremendously different. For starters, the nipple cover is generally bigger. It covers the nipples, as well as 30% off the breasts. As compared to the pasty, which covers only the areola.
Features: Reusable and washable silicon, sweat-proof technology, and a seamless design.
Recommended for: Anyone who wants to fake wearing a bra.
Our favorite: Easy Peasy’s Skinnies (P349). Check them out here.

bra, nipple pasties
Nipple Pasties/Tape
If nipple covers are so great, then why are we even talking about nipple pasties? Different strokes for different folks, my friends. The timeless nipple pasties are a league of their own. They have one purpose and one purpose alone: to cover the areola. Whether you’re flaunting your pasties or wearing an incredibly revealing top, the nipple tapes are here to stay and rescue you from a terribly awkward nip slip.
Features: Sweat and water proof, one size fits all, and breathable satin fabric
Recommended for: Style mavens who love wearing daring pieces.
Our favorite: Privé’s Waterproof Nipple Tapes (P125). Check them out here.

bra, boob tape
Boob Tape
Exposed by Kim Kardashian in 2016, the boob tape is Hollywood’s best kept secret. Originally, Los Angeles’ elite would make use of theatrical body tape to create cleavage for their red carpet looks. Nowadays, many brands have made their own tape specifically designed for the breasts. Despite years of product developments, the boob tape may still be irritable for those with sensitive skin.
Features: Latex and residue free material, an instant lift that lasts for hours, and sweat-proof adhesive.
Recommended for: Event attendees that are in dire need for some extra oomph.
Our favorite: The Original Braboom’s Breast Tape Roll (P395). Check them out here.

bra, silicon, adhesive
Adhesive Chicken Cutlets
Have you ever wanted to wear a plunging neckline, but didn’t have the boob support to pull it off? On top of this, you also wouldn’t want to sacrifice comfort for the sake of sex appeal. The solution is simple: adhesive chicken cutlets. The name might not be as inviting as your intentions, but the results are absolutely tantalizing. Nothing says sexy more than confidence driven by comfort.
Features: Smooth and matte finish, ultra thin edge, and long-lasting insta-breast lift support.
Recommended for: Full breasted ladies that need additional support when wearing a low rise top.
Our favorite: Nippiepop’s Bunny Skin (P699). Check them out here.

Just take it off
There’s something very Simone de Beauvoir about not wearing a bra. Maybe it’s because whoever is pulling it off comes off as a tad bit more relaxed than usual. Or, maybe it’s the feministic intellectualism tied to the very core of gender-norm defiance. Whichever way you see it, I’m sure we can universally agree to one thing: bras are extremely uncomfortable, so why not just take off the damn thing.
Features: A gentle breeze caressing your chest with no maintenance required.
Recommended for: Absolutely anyone.
Our favorite: Go au natural for absolutely no cost. We all have nipples, anyway.

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