These Disney Villain-Themed Masks Change Colors And Here’s Where You Can Cop Them

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Oh, you poor, unfortunate souls. Even the villains aren’t exempt from wearing a mask during quarantine. In fact, they’re trying to contain it while our heroes are out saving the world.

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For the first time since Maleficent saved Aurora, the villains are finally on our side to help us fight the dark forces of Corona, aka COVID-19. While our heroes may not be the fairytale Princesses we grew up with, but medical practitioners and frontliners, it’s still up to us to protect everyone else by helping contain the spread of the viral respiratory disease.

While staying at home is the most effective way to contain the virus, wearing a mask outside is your next best weapon. But to make mask-wearing more exciting, The Masq Collection came up with a Disney Villain-themed collection with four designs that change colors in a single breath. See the Cheshire Cat, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and Magic Mirror magically appear while you exhale freely under your mask.

No apples were harmed in the making of these masks, meaning it’s perfectly safe to wear. The designs have a quad-layer construction that seals your breath, it has an adjustable nose bridge and chin cup to make it fit your face like a glove, the adjustable Soft-Flex® Straps won’t hurt your ears even after hours of using, and most importantly, you can still breathe comfortably while wearing it.

The masks, like all other The Masq Collection masks, have passed the four-part safety test (Water Repellant Test, Particle Suction test, Light Transmission Test, and the Breath test). Basically, it has the same protective powers of an N95 mask.

“Our mission is one of resilience and hope; to thrive in whatever the circumstance. All our masks are lively and full of color; they’re vibrant. We made it specifically with the dreamers in mind — it is made for the people brimming with goals and passion, for people with plans to make the world better.” With that in mind, The Masq Collection also announced that part of their profits will be given to the people who were laid off during quarantine to help them get back up on their feet.

You can purchase the collection starting at P650. That purchase comes with 10 PureMasq® Water-Repellant Filters, a reusable pouch, and of course, the mask of your choice. Check out all their designs on their website or Instagram