Celebrities Turn Hate Into Fashion With Diesel’s Haʉte Couture Collection

With social media becoming even more toxic nowadays, where hateful comments and negativity is starting to normalize, Diesel took fashion one step forward by using it to disempower hate. After continuously receiving hate on the digital platform saying  “Diesel is Dead,” or “Diesel is not cool anymore,” the Italian label dedicated a new collection for its bashers called, “Haʉte Couture Collection.”

DIESEL Haute Couture MEGA

Believing that the more hate you wear, the less you’ll care, Diesel transformed various hateful comments into fashionable pieces—from customized t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim jackets, to bombers—the brand embraced everything completely.

DIESEL Haute Couture MEGA

Adding more heat to the anti-bullying campaign of the brand, several celebrities who personally experienced it like Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, Gucci Mane, Tommy Dorfman, and many more took part in the campaign by Publicis Italy and starred in the video.

DIESEL Haute Couture MEGA

They chose the very worst of the comments they have ever received, and wore them loud and proud proving that they don’t get affected by their haters. Cue Minaj being dubbed as the “The Bad Guy,” Thorne named a “slut,” Mane was told “f*ck you, imposter,” and Dorfman called a “faggot.”

Watch the video campaign below and start embracing the hate. After all, the more you expose the hate you get, the less power it has to cause harm if you treat it with irony and irreverence.

All these hateful comments are now limited-edition items in the Haʉte Couture Collection, available now in Diesel stores and on diesel.com.

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