Detox Yoga Is Your Solution To Indigestion During The Holidays
Detox Yoga Is Your Solution To Indigestion Caused By Overeating During The Holidays

Detox Yoga Is Your Solution To Indigestion Caused By Overeating During The Holidays

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Yes, there is a yoga practice that will help improve digestion and clean your colons. No, it is not that hard and you can definitely do it at home.

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How’re you feeling after binge eating through the table filled with steak, spaghetti, turkey, rice, and all your home-cooked favorites? More than being the time of giving, the holiday season is also the time of telling yourself you deserve an extra piece of chicken. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Despite working out and dieting all year round, we let ourselves go during the holidays because it’s part of the fun, and there’s no shame in that. However, we may go a little overboard on the carbs and the wine, so it messes up our digestion. A good way to address this problem is by practicing detox yoga the morning after a long binge fest. Here’s what it’s all about.

If you’ve practiced yoga before, then you have probably tried Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, or even Ashtanga yoga. Now, where does detox yoga fit in here? Technically, detox yoga isn’t a real style of yoga, but a combination of poses that involve twists, inversions, and binds.

Health Benefits of Twists
According to the Sha Wellness Clinic, “Twists help dislodge particles trapped in the colon, improve digestion and promote toxin elimination.” As the name suggests, poses considered as twists involve a lot of twisting. Just moving your body from side to side and stretching can already be considered a twist. Popular twist poses include: Marichi’s Pose, Revolved Triangle Pose, Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, and so much more. 

detox yoga, inversion

Health Benefits of Inversions
We know inversion sounds a bit advanced, but you really shouldn’t be intimidated by the name. Most inversions are very minimal and do not involve circus-like flexibility to be done. In the same article by the Sha Wellness Clinic, they share that the benefit of inversions include proper blood circulation to the liver and kidney and detoxification of the body. Popular inversions poses include: Forward fold pose (Uttanasana), Downward-facing dog pose, crow pose, and many more.

detox yoga, bind

Health Benefits of Binds
Yogic binds aren’t as popular in detox yoga as compared to inversions and twists, but have tremendous health benefits to your colon and to your overall wellness. YogaSphere shares in an article that yogic binds can release muscular tension around the abdominal region, start up your digestive system, and elongate your spine. The process is simple. Binds involve wrapping yourself in poses, while clasping your hands together. Popular yogic binds include: Marichyasana pose, Bound side angle pose, Standing bound half lotus, and much more.

Where can I learn detox yoga?
Now that we have the internet, you can learn detox yoga just about anywhere. My go-to for a quick detox yoga session is through YouTube. I highly recommend the channels, PsycheTruth and Yoga with Adriene. You may also find detox yoga sequences online through the Yoga Journal. The best part about detox yoga is that you wouldn’t need much more than a yoga mat and the will to finish one whole flow. More than anything, detox yoga has helped me add in a bit of movement to my usual sedentary lifestyle.