All The Designers Sarah Geronimo And Regine Velasquez Wore At Their Unified Concert

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From the highly anticipated Unified concert of two powerhouse singers, Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo took our breath away not just with their voices and incredible, breathtaking showmanship, but their outfits as well.

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It’s not easy having a full-blown concert wearing intricate designs and heavy gowns. It takes a professional like Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez to make it look effortless. The recently concluded Unified concert over Valentine’s weekend served as an unabashed ode to opulence and stardom, so naturally, their looks have to reflect that as well.

Donning six different outfits made by prestigious Filipino designers, Sarah and Regine looked regal in lavish dresses. Embroidered to perfection, it reflected how the concert was nothing short of grand. And while it was a no brainer that people attended the show to hear Sarah and Regine sing, it wasn’t just their voices that shone through the stage. Which brings us to the one question that kept emerging whilst seeing the photos of Regine and Sarah circling around social media following their concert: Who were they wearing?

Below, we list down all the designers Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez wore at the Unified concert in Smart Araneta Coliseum last Valentine’s Day:

Mak Tumang

regine velasquez
Photo from @sarahgeronimoshots on Instagram

Looking ethereal in blue, Regine Velasquez resembled a butterfly with bright blue wings (of course, perhaps an homage to the more vibrant, youthful counterpart during the iconic R2K concert) that added a majestic effect to the gown. She may be known as Asia’s Songbird, but give her any wings and she’ll soar as high as the notes she hits.

sarah geronimo
Photo from @sarahgeronimoshots on Instagram

Another creation by Mak Tumang that was worn for the Unified concert was Sarah Geronimo’s dusty rose gown, bathed in crystals that sparkled throughout Araneta Coliseum. The one-shoulder element gave it a nice unique touch.

Michael Leyva

sarah geronimo
Photo from @styledwithabang on Instagram

With embellishments of imperial magnitude, Sarah Geronimo’s blue jumpsuit by Michael Leyva looked absolutely stunning on stage. The jumpsuit elongated her legs while the pattern and strategically cut sleeves remind us of a star shining bright in the night sky.

Meanwhile, Regine’s hot pink gown stood out for its striking color. One can’t go wrong with a deep v-line and puffed up sleeves, giving her a figure that complements her shape. Despite it a glittering ensemble, it was perfectly balanced with a block of similar solid color, which opened up in a nice side slit to show off her legs.

Leo Almodal

sarah geronimo
Photo from @sarahgeronimoshots on Instagram

Leo Amodal crafted this topaz creation a tuxedo-inspired look for a ‘Lady Boss.’ Proving true, Sarah Geronimo took complete control of the stage during this segment, showing what a real Lady Boss looks like while performing.

Photo from @thearanetacoliseum on Instagram

The most divine out of all the gowns, Regine also wore a Leo Almodal creation in sheer white. With an uninterrupted stream and curtain of crystals, the gown flowed hypnotizingly with her movements, making it a dreamy bodice fit for a queen.

Rajo Laurel

sarah geronimo

Reminiscent of her pop star princess royalty days, Sarah wore a Rajo Laurel gown with a crystal chain structure. A royalty ready for combat, the chain structure looks like armor going from her neck to her shoulders. The intricacy of the design making the gown a work of art in itself.

Neric Beltran

sarah geronimo
Photos from @nericbeltran on Instagram

The audience was merely like moths to a flame as Sarah Geronimo stunned in two striking red outfits, both created by the brilliant Neric Beltran for the modern anthem and pop-cultural imprint of Tala. Wearing a tribal-printed bodysuit with a hand-embellished fringe skirt locally weaved, and a fringe dress, the whole look resonated like the blazing fire that it sure was to our eyes.

Edwin Tan

Like a rose in full bloom, Regine wore a red silhouette gown by Edwin Tan, dramatically structured with a long cape draped behind her shoulder, embellished in crystals that sparkled like droplets.

Jot Losa

regine velasquez
Photo from @jotlosa on Instagram

Regine looked sophisticated as she wore a custom Jot Losa gown in black and white curlicued embroidery with a long train. A decorated optical illusion, the patterns also highlighted the feminine figure of the indomitable Songbird.

Nat Manilag

regine velasquez
Photo from @vstyleteam on Instagram

A plumage gown with incrustations of crystals and glitters, this Nat Manilag pink gown worn by Regine looks as if it was immersed in a fairy tale dream, lighting up our literature-fed fantasies to no end.

Black Code Manila

sarah geronimo
Photo from @sarahgeronimoshots on Instagram

Breaking away from the gowns, Sarah wore a refreshing teal outfit embellished with crystals all over for the more energetic numbers of the concert.