All The Designers That Showed At Bench Fashion Week SS19
All The Designers That Showed At This Local Brand’s Fashion Week

All The Designers That Showed At This Local Brand’s Fashion Week

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Known for celebrating local and emerging fashion designers, Bench Fashion Week was once more served several showstopping collections.

A powerful assemblage of statement pieces easily dominated the concrete runway. From utilitarian clothing to a touch of old world glamor, there were plenty of unexpected elements that surfaced in every collection. And as the biannual three-day event is done, we now look into all the designers that presented in Bench Fashion Week SS19.

Seph Bagasao

Effortlessly transporting us to the wild west was none other than Seph Bagasao. He showcased no less than the resplendence of the Native American aesthetic. From the fringe detailing to denim ensembles, his creations were beyond doubt eye-catching.

Renz Reyes

The moment Bench Design Awards 2018 Renz Reyes started his collection, we knew we were in for another round of his brilliant portrayal of a woman du jour. Keeping his design philosophy intact, he highlighted the raw beauty of femininity, as well as a hint of utilitarian details.

Ched Studio

Christian Edward Dalogalog, a Bench Design Awards 2018 winner as well, opted to paint the runway with colorful micro-pleated numbers. But more than that, what really made the crowd swoon was how he incorporated his piña fabrics to his pieces.

Bench x Rafé New York

Rafé’s collaborative collection with Bench was undoubtedly one of the shows not to be missed. So as he presented his collection, he just dominated the fashion week without any difficulty. From neon colors, patchwork denim, to tropical prints, it seemed like this is what we really need this summer.

Bumgarner Studios

Exquisite prints, statement bows, and bags in exotic skins—what’s not to love? Mark Bumgarner’s ready-to-wear offerings also featured hues of nude, mustard, and black that never failed to reflect Mark’s signature silhouettes befitting the quintessential woman.

JC Buendia

With his ethereal touch to his masterfully beautiful collection, JC Buendia easily moved the audience during his show. Radiating the elegance of pearls and a hint of Renaissance, his collection was impeccably dramatic yet raw whilst intricate yet simple.