Will Denden Lazaro And Cha Cruz-Behag Sport Lingerie As Daywear?

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Daywear lingerie, gray hair, or pixie cuts—will we ever see Denden Lazaro and Cha Cruz-Behag in these millennial trends?

We’ve seen Denden Lazaro and Cha Cruz-Behag rock the court with powerful spikes and blocks. But there’s still so much to these ladies than just sports and fitness. In a quick yay or nay game, we asked the athletes if they’re into millennial trends that rocked 2018.
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You’ve probably heard of bralettes—the cute bras that are too fashionable to stay hidden. A lot of ladies has been rocking this piece of lingerie as daywear. So we took the chance to ask the ladies if they’re willing to sport it as daywear. And would you have guessed their answers? It’s a yes! Dennise and Cha would both wear lingerie daywear if given the chance.
Want to see more millennial trends approved by Dennise and Cha? Watch the video below for more!


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