All The Best Moments In The First 2 Days Of The Permission To Dance Concert
All The Best Moments In The First 2 Days Of The Permission To Dance Concert

All The Best Moments In The First 2 Days Of The Permission To Dance Concert

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“Finally, BTS is officially back!” – RM, BTS’ leader

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Planes packed with doting fans (ARMYs as they call themselves) from all over the world flocked to Los Angeles to attend BTS’ comeback concert, Permission To Dance On Stage (PTD) – LA. The hype is truly real as fans and even the members themselves have dreamt of this moment—when they’re finally back on the big stage with a live audience. Constrained by the worldwide pandemic, their last in-person concerts were held during the 2019 Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour (The Final)

The group of 7 will be performing at the SoFi Stadium for 4 sold-out nights, specifically on November 27 and 28 and December 1 and 2. For ARMYs who can’t make it to the concert, there’s no need to wallow in your sorrows! The final show may be viewed through a paid online viewing on December 2 (PST) and 3 (KST)

Even before the D-Day of the anticipated concert, members of the two-time Grammy nominated Korean boy band have been sighted soaking up the LA atmosphere. From their endearing interaction with American singers Lizzo and Sza during Harry Styles’ concert, to swiping the highly coveted Artist of the Year award and dominating two more other categories at the 2021 American Music Awards, to finally, receiving their 2nd Grammy nomination shortly after, BTS just keeps proving that their global power is definitely still on the rise. And there seems to be no signs of stopping anytime soon—Day 1 and 2 of the Permission to Dance – LA concert proves just that. 

Find out more of what went down between ARMYs and BTS during the first day of their grand return—as seen on social media. 

BTS Members’ Awe-Striking Physique And Skin-Baring Fashion

Updated fans would know that the boys have been working out extra hard to keep their toned and chiseled physique and it truly showed during the first day! As if those are not enough to make ARMYs breathless, BTS members were even sporting fashion that you can’t help but gawk at. Here’s how some fans have expressed their amazement in Twitter: 

RM, Suga and J-Hope’s Happy Tears

“Ments” are denoted as the time at K-Pop concerts where those on stage introduce themselves, speak to fans and give speeches. During J-hope’s turn, fans noticed how hard he was trying to contain his tears. ARMYs inevitably couldn’t help but swell with happy emotions while listening to Hobi, too! 

Excerpt of Hobi’s Ment:

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. For the last two years, I’ve learned how precious you are. I learned how thankful I am that you exist. I missed you so much. I was so frustrated. But now, finally, I can let all those emotions go. I really wanted to tell you that on the first day we meet again. Thank you so much for today. Thank you, ARMY! I love you!”

Hobi wasn’t the only one feeling very sentimental. Yoongi, or Suga as he is fondly called, also shared during his ment that he was also on the verge of tears when their hit classic, “On,” was playing.

Excerpt of Suga’s Ment: 

“Everyone, I almost cried when I heard ON today. I finally realized it was really happening, and I thought, this is what my work is all about! I think we are finally where we should be. I hope we can continue to be together, just as we are! Thank you, ARMY!”

Even BTS’ leader, RM, admitted during the press conference, “Seeing the stadium filled with all the fans yesterday got me really emotional beyond words.”

Humorous Harmless Accidents On Stage 

ARMYs really don’t miss a beat when watching BTS. On Twitter, several attendees have posted snippets of small mishaps on stage that they caught on camera. Fortunately, no one was harmed during Day 1 and 2 of the Permission to Dance – LA concert during these small accidents. Instead, what ensued were endearing smiles and laughs from onlookers on how adorably chaotic BTS is.

Jin’s Charms

What makes BTS in-person concerts so thrilling is being blessed with your fave idol’s visuals. Many even go to the point of using adjectives such as “ethereal” and “angelic” to describe their beauty—and we’re not disagreeing! 

In both Day 1 and 2 of the Permission to Dance – LA concert, fans were treated to Jin’s random headpieces and wacky hairstyles. He even posted a picture of him sporting the arrangement in BTS’ official Twitter page—and fans were all for it. 

Mr. “Worldwide Handsome” even went above and beyond during Day 2 to cosplay as the infamous doll in the popular K-Drama, Squid Games. He turned out looking more cute than sinister though!

Sea Of Purple And Rainbow ARMY Bombs 

Army Bomb’s (AB’s) have a special feature that was especially designed for concerts called “Concert Mode”. When paired, the color of the lightstick adapts to what’s set by the staff at the backend.

Thanks to this handy facet, Day 1 of the Permission to Dance – LA turned into a united front made of colors of white, BTS’ main color purple and sometimes, rainbow hues. The view turns into a sight for sore eyes especially during times when ARMYs are asked by members to do the classic wave with their ARMY Bombs. 

A Smooth Like Butter Surprise 

One of the best acts of Day 2’s set is definitely the surprise appearance of Megan Thee Stallion during the “Butter” remix number. ARMYs’ boisterous cheers filled the SoFi Stadium when the rapper appeared and strutted on stage, donning a sultry pink one piece paired with equally hued and feminine tie-up knee high boots. This was a performance that both ARMYs and members have been highly anticipating since the release of the two parties’ collaboration last August. 

They were originally slated to meet earlier and present at the American Music Awards together, but Megan unfortunately had to back out a day before the big performance due to a personal matter. 

Watch the curated highlights here!