Dating And Sex In The Midst Of A Pandemic—Is It Okay And How?

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Given that there is still the unwanted coronavirus around and Valentine’s day is very near, how then will singles date and even have sex in the new normal? Is it even possible?

It feels like it was ages ago when we can just easily approach a random stranger at the club, chat a little, and the next thing you know, you’re already kissing. Admit it, sometimes you even end up in a stranger’s apartment for a one night stand. And then, the walk of shame happens. Do you still remember those nights? Well, hopefully, you still do, even if casual hookups temporarily stopped because of the pandemic.

We all struggled to navigate in the new normal as the pandemic life has been tough on everyone. Although this may be, for any single person’s sex life, it could’ve been harder than those in a relationship. Perhaps we can all agree that there are days when we just need to finally be watered again. Being stuck in the four corners of our home can be somewhat drying even if we can just do it ourselves. There’s just something about the pleasure of sex that your hands cannot give. 

Now while there’s already a vaccine, the majority of the Filipinos haven’t had taken shots of it. And since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, many of us will go on dates. So, there’s still this underlying question many ask in their heads: is it okay to go out on a date or hook up?

Okay, so here’s the thing about hooking up in the midst of a pandemic: Ideally, it is off the menu. That’s because the more we interact with others, the more chance the virus could spread. Hence, in black and white, it’s really advisable not to hook up. But as we’re all mere humans, regardless of any reminders or advice, we are likely to do it anyway. 

With this said, should you want to play the devil’s advocate this love month, then we only suggest for you to do it safely. As someone who recently hooked up this month, here’s what I did to make sure I’ll be safe. I wasn’t really planning on getting intimate, but what was supposed to be an innocent first date led to being fucked—not by corona, thankfully. 

But the sole reason that we both agreed is that we knew that we were both negative from COVID-19. Coincidentally, we both got an RT-PCR test for a personal matter of ours a few days before we met each other. Other than that, we both regularly have our HIV test and STD test and made sure to use condoms. 

For some people, asking for proof that your partner is clean can become quite awkward, and can even lead to having an argument. But if you’re both mature enough—which is critical given that you will get intimate in the midst of a pandemic—giving each other assurance is the best way to safely date and have sex in this day and age.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get an RT-PCR every time you hook up with someone. But if you’re going to, it’s always better for the both of you to at least do an Antigen swab test before meeting, just to be sure. And of course, make sure to still have yourselves checked after meeting up. Always keep in mind that early detection offers the best chance of cure. 

And in case you can still hold your horniness from skin-to-skin contact, then try doing it virtually. There have been reports that texts or videos can make for a pleasurable experience. But if that won’t suffice for your pleasure, then here’s a fair warning: regardless if you sanitize your entire condo and do all the necessary tests, you can’t be 100 percent sure that you are safe from the unseen virus. So, ask yourself first, do you really want to go out with a bang? Is it a risk worth taking? Only you can answer that because we all have different needs.