Beyond the Surface: This Doctor DAREs to Change the Game for Beauty and Restoration

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Dr. Jean Marquez, F.P.D.S. and her team at DARE Clinic continue to set the bar in aesthetics and dermatology even higher

A title creates this perception that whoever owns it is fully capable of what they were trained to do. In the aesthetic and dermatology field, patients want nothing more than to have a doctor who is transparent, hands-on, and knowledgeable. But for Dr. Jean Marquez, F.P.D.S., she can give so much more. What separates her from those who simply do their job is her distinct method of combining functional medicine, industry-standard medical grade technologies, and premium anti-aging injectables, which gave birth to what she calls Restorative Dermatology. She approaches each case head-on by trying to figure out the hows and whys while maintaining close supervision of her patients. It is this “do more” mentality that is at the core of DARE Clinic.

Like father, like daughter

Being exposed to the field of dermatology at such a young age because of her father, Dr. Jean already knew she wanted to become a doctor that focused on the same specialty when she grew up. She was able to observe her father’s compassion and special bond with his patients, making her want to experience the same as she gets older. She eventually did upon the successful rise of her own clinic located in Quezon City.

Daring to do more

An acronym for “Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Restoration,” DARE Clinic now holds their ground as one of the most sought-after aesthetic and dermatology clinics in the country. Having Dr. Jean as their Medical Director, who has accomplished immense things such as becoming Chief Resident during her residency, a host on a medical-informative television show, and a pioneer in laser and anti-aging procedures, DARE Clinic continues to exceed what is expected of them because of her holistic approach philosophy.

A force to be reckoned with, Dr. Jean deemed that Restorative Dermatology, a combination of conventional, functional, and aesthetic dermatology, was necessary not only to treat the patients’ visible signs and concerns using lasers and other advanced technologies, but also to dig deeper to determine its root causes, which helps in holistically treating the patient. To fully incorporate her method on Restorative Dermatology as it intends on bringing the skin back to its healthiest state, Dr. Jean and her team begin with DARE Clinic’s incredibly detailed forms that aim to discover if the patients’ skin concerns have any triggers or underlying causes like hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis, and leaky gut caused by food sensitivities and intolerances. The team of experts at DARE Clinic also addresses lifestyle factors such as stress, food choices, and sleep patterns that may have contributed to the patients’ skin problems. Dr. Jean states, “There could be some internal issues [with] the body. We are not just controlling the symptoms, but [also] finding the root or cause of the problem.”

Apart from helping patients with skin concerns, Dr. Jean has also been known for long-lasting and natural-looking results with treatments on the aesthetic and beauty aspect of things. For DARE Clinic, enhancing each patient’s natural beauty is extremely important, and services like filler injections, Botox, and Ultherapy are just some of their anti-aging treatments that elevate one’s natural features. Dr. Jean’s skills, knowledge, and approach on how she treats her patients made her one of the first few doctors who was given the honor to finally offer Ultherapy in the Philippines.

Beauty beyond the surface

When asked what her proudest accomplishment was as the Medical Director of DARE Clinic, Dr. Jean simply answered with, “Going beyond what is expected of dermatology.” It’s crystal clear to her that what she and her team have been doing, how they have been treating their patients as their family, is something to be proud of. Seeing her patients become happier, healthier, more confident, and more beautiful inside and out is one of her greatest joys of being a dermatologist.

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