Daphne Oseña-Paez Sheds Light on the Endurance of Filipino Art with Recreate

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From artisanal carvings to restored national theaters, Recreate is unravelling the metamorphosis of Filipino creativity. Take the chance to enjoy the beauty safely in the comforts of home

The greatest stories happen in times of adversity. Seasoned TV Host Daphne Oseña-Paez is leaving no stone unturned in giving a spotlight to stories that can only be heard from the country’s dynamic local art scene with her brand-new lifestyle show, Recreate. Tune in to the series exclusively at Cignal TV’s One News channel.

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From uncertainty

Many saw the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic become the heartbreaking cause of their cut-short plans at the beginning of 2020. Daphne Oseña-Paez and the plans for her previous lifestyle and public affairs show, Create, experienced a fate no less different. The veteran TV host once feared that it would take ages before she could experience the thrill of traveling around the country and interviewing inspiring, creative people once again. Fortunately, things would turn out a little differently for her through the conception of a new show; one which tackled the diverse set of experiences that Filipino artists and creators have garnered during the onset of the global crisis.

“The world is changing so fast, but you know creativity is in the heart of people, and you cannot isolate that. You cannot cancel that”

Daphne Oseña-Paez on Filipino creativity

Oseña-Paez expressed great gratitude in being bestowed the opportunity to embark on journeys around the country that are as wonder-filled as they are purpose-driven;  journeys that she has been happily balancing along with her role as a wife and a mother of three children.

On ever-expanding premises

Despite the surface-level assumptions that many would-be viewers would harbor towards “the average lifestyle show,” Oseña-Paez reiterated that Recreate will be refraining from placing its focus on solely traditional art mediums, as they aim to widen their viewer’s horizons on what they would constitute as ‘art’. The seasoned TV Host and her team believe in showcasing spaces and pieces that not only exude inherent beauty, but also impart the tale of the Filipino people and its ability to adapt and reinvent itself in times of hardship. Oseña-Paez even suggested that the show is open to recommendations and feedback on what creative spaces the show can head towards next: expressing the show’s interest in having meaningful dialogue with its fanbase.

Such significance is the case with the family of creatives featured in Recreate’s pilot episode which aired last May 22, 2021, wherein Oseña-Paez paid a visit to the serene walls of the Hardin ng Bituin in Betis, Pampanga. In the 30-minute episode, audiences were treated to the inspiring anecdotes of the Bituin family; and the massive work they dedicated in converting their majestic garden into a booming business that doubles as a plant supplies store, as well as a quaint bed and breakfast.

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A purposeful adventure

Oseña-Paez shared with us her fulfillment in hosting a show that permits her to craft valuable, purpose-driven stories that offer a light, enjoyable, and positive experience for her viewers—an experience that functions as a stark contrast from the more serious, and often-draining headlines of television news.

“With all the things that are happening [right now], people are looking for good, quality storytelling. There’s so much information out there that you can watch on your phone [as well] as all these subscriptions and everything, but [our show] is the story of recreation and creativity here in the Philippines.”

Daphne Oseña-Paez on the stories of Recreate

Oseña-Paez gladly shared to us that one of the fabled tales that Recreate would be able to tell will be the rebuilding and refurbishing of the famed Manila Metropolitan Theater; a once-dilapidated cornerstone situated at the heart of the nation’s capital. The TV host filled us in on her excitement in being the first to feature the soon-to-be-reopened space, as well as the various upgrades its renovators have in-store for the future theater-goers of Manila. Make sure to catch the airing of this episode on June 12, 2021.

Oseña-Paez expressed that while the chance to shed some light towards the lockdown tales of the esteemed artists in Luzon have been exhilarating so far; she also alluded to one day grasping the opportunity of featuring the often-unheard creatives that hail from Visayas and Mindanao as well.

Art created from the so-called “good times” is great, but art made from the necessity of reinventing broken pieces is a different form of masterpiece altogether. The Japanese call the craft of re-assembling broken pottery pieces as the art of kintsugi. Filipinos are now creating kintsugi out of anything they can find a figment of inspiration on, and Recreate gives everyone the chance to witness these creations from the comfort of their own home. 

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You can also catch Recreate on the Cignal Play app. Download it for free on your phone or tablet via the Play Store and App Store.