The Best Way To Cut Your Own Hair During A Quarantine

So, you’re in quarantine and like your IRL social life, your hair is looking less than stellar. You want to cut your hair or just give it a trim. You know you want to—but the question is—should you?

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Haircuts are one of those things that are probably best left to the professionals. Not only is it difficult to do by yourself, but you will also need the right tools and someone to help you navigate the back and sides of your head. “We would suggest you wait until your hairdresser can cut or color your hair again,” says Jude Hipolito of the cult-fave JuRo Salon Exclusif in BGC. “There’s a high chance you will mess up your hair and it becomes a corrective salon job.” But if you simply can’t wait it out for a few more weeks, then take heed. MEGA has asked some of the best in the industry for tips on how to get the job done with (hopefully) no regrets.

Hair grows an average 1/2 inches a month, making our 3-week quarantine most obvious on short hair—bangs, crew cuts, blunt bobs, close shaves, and the like. It’s not so obvious on longer hair unless yours has a reached a certain length where hair starts growing another way (tikwas in local parlance). This means that it’s the guys who will probably be most in need of a trim. If your man has asked you for help, please consider this first:

Do not be at your wit’s end with him. Living 24/7 with your partner/husband/family member is tough. Don’t cut someone’s hair when you want to tear out your own—or theirs. If you decide to cut his hair—not out of spite—do it on the day when your nerves aren’t frayed.

And when it comes to you and your crowning glory, it’s probably best to also decide a day or two after the thought first entered your head. It’s like when you’re shopping and something not on the list catches your eye. Give it some time and if you still feel strongly about it after, then it’s probably worth a shot.


Here we go.


Since we need to be giving back, let’s do the guys first.

“For guys with knowledge of clippers, just use No. 2 and No. 3 around the sides and back, up to your temple,” says Henri Calayag, an industry pioneer and owner of his eponymous salon in Makati. “[The aim is to keep it] tidy, making it your sides neat. Just leave the top alone—don’t touch it.”

“This will last you 2 weeks, then simply repeat on the second week.”

His last statement is a bit of a warning—don’t mess with the overall shape and cut of your hair. It’s enough to just look tidy.

For those without clippers, we turned to Louis Philip Kee of Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee in BGC. “You will need a pair of small scissors—not kitchen or school stationary ones—to help you control the hair coming off,” he says. “A touchup on his style shape can be achieved by lightly snipping at the ends. Less is more. If it’s still long you can always go back and take more off.”

Tip: You will be able to determine where the hair needs to be trimmed because the hair is lighter and uneven. Especially on close-cropped styles, there will be clear line to follow.

Snip slowly and always take a step back every now and then to assess how you’re doing. Once you’ve done the perimeter of the hair, leave the rest.


Suffice to say, now is not the time to you give yourself bangs. But if you have them already and want to keep the style for your video conference calls, listen up with the tips from the pros.

If you have long bangs and just want it past your eyes, Calayag suggests the following: First, wet your bangs, then comb and gather them to the center of your face. Next, make a loose “ponytail” out of the bangs. Place your scissors below the brows and snip in one go. Et, voila! “[Your] center bangs are all in one line, while the outer bangs are gradually longer in that French Girl style,” says Calayag.

A word of caution: Be conservative with the length that you want to cut. Remember, wet hair is stretched to its maximum length, several millimeters away from how it looks when it’s dry. Unless you want 2017’s micro bangs, it’s safer to cut less than what you want. You can always make it shorter.

Now, if your bangs are shorter or you’re not confident enough to do it in one go, here’s a tip from Kee: “Cut with small snips to the desired length. Take extra caution with wavy hair.”

Tip: If you’re not sure how steady your hands are, use this tip from Hipolito: “Point-cut using hair cutting scissors into the fringe. Cut by or below the eyebrows on dry hair.”


“It’s much easier trimming long hair,” says Kee. For those with layered hair, he suggests the following: “Pull up a 2-inch vertical section and cut away from the back and then side to back. Next, go millimeter by millimeter and don’t cut straight lines. Use point-cutting, which is where you hold the scissors vertically, not horizontally.”

This generally works for people with straight or those with only a slight wave. For those with curly hair or when you hit a cowlick—leave those to the pros.


Some personal unsolicited advice: if you have kids—make sure they’re your own—who don’t mind haircuts, you can practice on them. I have been cutting my 2-year-old daughter’s hair since she was born. When I made the rookie mistake of cutting it too short, it was okay because she didn’t care and she was still adorable. Adults, no matter how beautiful, just can’t pull off a bad homemade haircut with the same je ne sais quoi of a cute toddler in a tutu.

Do not attempt this on pre-teens, adolescents, or those with their own TikTok account. Don’t even think about it. They will hate you.

And lastly, if you do end up with a bad haircut—well at least you’re just home. Wait out the rest of the lockdown until you can go to your favorite salon.

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