Curate A Memorable Holiday Celebration With These Festive Pieces
Curate A Memorable Holiday Celebration With These Festive Pieces

Curate A Memorable Holiday Celebration With These Festive Pieces

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The holidays are fast approaching! This time around we’re looking to create memorable celebrations with these curated festive pieces.

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Time flies so fast! The holidays are around the corner once again. As we approach the happiest time of the year, we want to elevate each celebration by curating special pieces that are personal and memorable. We’re gearing up to make sure that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and all the small festivities in between are the best they possible could be during a pandemic. And, the best way to do that is by personalizing your clothes, knick knacks, and other personal items to really make it the most wonderful time of the year.

Discover the magic of the holidays with the most meaningful celebration you can have with the help of Rustan’s. Make your home sparkle by shopping the finest Christmas trees, ornaments, table décor, food baskets, and more at the Christmas Village.

Now that we have no where else to go but home, it’s the best time to start investing in your personal space. It’s all about recreating the same atmosphere you’d have when going out at home. In this way, you wouldn’t have to feel the cabin fever anymore. Plus, you’ll be able to relive special memories with your loved ones through the special knick knacks you bring out every year.

On top of this, you’ll be able to have gastronomic experiences at home with a few personalized touches here and there. The specialty shop also offers curated food boxes in partnership with Gourmet Garage, Marks & Spencer, and Theo & Philo, Ferrero Rocher featuring sumptuous goodies perfect for gifting to loves ones or serving at home. Because champagne makes for the best celebratory beverage, Moet & Chandon will also be available for purchase. You’ll be able to graze the table with all your favorite meals and get to share special memories with your loved ones. Here are a few of the special holiday pieces you can expect from Rustan’s Christmas Village.

Ornaments Galore
An often overlooked holiday piece are the ornaments that adorn the traditional Christmas tree. These pieces are usually made into ball ornaments in many different colors and sizes. Luckily, you can customize your tree to be personable and memorable for you and your loved ones. Gone are the days when garlands and Christmas balls line up the tree. Now, you have a variety of options that can be found in Rustan’s Christmas Village. Whether it’s an angel figurine, a woven garland, or a hangable picture frame, we’re sure that you’ll be able to make tree decorating a much awaited family tradition.

Yuletide Grazings
Nothing excites children and adults alike more than a table filled with beautifully displayed finger food. Usually, grazing fans would get a professional to set a table for festive gatherings. During these troubling times, it has become increasingly harder to do so. Never fret! The solution lies within the four walls of Rustan’s Christmas Village. The Christmas Village does not only provide beautiful holiday decorations, but they also provide a selection of table settings for at home grazings. You can now test your design skills and organize the Yuletide grazing table setting of your dreams.

Special Keepsakes
Remember a special holiday for the rest of your life by purchasing a memorable item for the whole family to keep. You can make this a fun traditional activity to be done with your loved ones as Christmas fast approaches. This keepsake could be a decorative piece or a functional object that will cement the love and harmony within your family during the year it was bought. Aside from this, keepsakes are great items to pass on from generation to generation. A little piece of each family member for the whole clan to remember.

The Christmas Village in Rustan’s is open now until December 31 so ready your shopping list and start making your family’s holiday dreams come true. Ready that gift list and take advantage of Rustan’s launch weekend on October 15 to 17, featuring beloved brands at impressive discounts and loyalty rewards.