The Timepiece That Allows You To Cross Oceans For Your Loved One
Cross Oceans For Your Loved One With This Timepiece

Cross Oceans For Your Loved One With This Timepiece

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There’s nothing more poetic than crossing oceans for your lover. No need do it physically because now all you need is Charriol’s ocean-inspired timepiece and jewelry collection.

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Long distance relationships have always been hard and that’s why we’ve all avoided it. But then the pandemic struck and well unfortunately, we were all forced to experience it. Feeling like oceans apart from our loved ones even if they are just streets away, Charriol creates a love collection that brings back the romance despite the distance. 

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How Deep Is Your Love?

An environment-lover and surfer herself, Chairwoman and CEO Coralie Charriol highlights the beauty of the deep blue sea instead through their Forever Starfish watch collection. The timepieces are decorated with 3 starfishes swimming on a 32mm mother of pearl dial and you can choose from white, yellow or rose gold that mimics the reflection of the sun to the sea with a metallic lacework that wraps around the head. One look from this will remind your lover not of the distance the separates you but of your endless love for one another. 

As part of her initiative for marine conservation, Charriol has also created other ocean-inspired collections that you can layer with the Forever Starfish watch. Their Forever Ocean bangle is one of the CEOs personal favorites or if you want something more personalized, you can get a Forever bangle made to your own liking.

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You’re My Anchor 

A reminder to be each other’s anchor during the roughest storm, Charriol’s Marina collection makes for a great couple jewelry piece to have. It has a variety of motifs from a flat knot, anchor chain, or porthole that is silver, yellow gold or rhodium-plated. It is then bounded by a steel cable that mimics a mooring rope. It’s a romantic gift that can symbolize that no matter what distance or crashing waves that comes with the relationship you’ll always have each other. 

Charriol’s new collection not only allows you to do the impossible of crossing oceans to be together but it’s a poetic justice of true love that can be wrapped around your wrist.

Charriol is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc.,and is located at Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Rockwell, Central Square Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center. Also available online at, and Zalora.  Visit and, or follow @charriolph and @ssilifeph on Instagram to know more about the collection.