These Self-Confessed K-Drama Obsessed Celebrities Have The Answers
What Comes After Crash Landing On You? These Self-Confessed K-Drama Obsessed Celebrities Have The Answers

What Comes After Crash Landing On You? These Self-Confessed K-Drama Obsessed Celebrities Have The Answers

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For any self-respecting K-Drama fan, here’s the circulating question at the moment: What do we watch now after Crash Landing On You? 

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Embarking on its most-talked about finale, there hasn’t been a most talked about series on every K-drama radar of every fan and non-fan alike on the rousing finale of Crash Landing On You. While I have yet to actually sit through it in one go, which as a K-Drama fan, I am definitely hopping on Netflix ASAP. If you think about it, it was only three years ago when Goblin is the talk of town as the highest-rated tvN series in history. And following a similar phenomenal trajectory, the latest pop cultural obsession has surpassed that with 21.683 percent ratings according to Nielsen Korea—needless to say, Crash Landing On You is evidently a hit with the astounding majority.

Before the epic rise to fame of Crash Landing On You, we, along with these celebrities embraced other K-Dramas that captured our hearts including Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, W, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and more. In fact, even these celebrities were swooning and fan-girling over these hit K-Dramas and their ever attractive lead characters just like us. Now that the series has come to an end, you might be asking yourselves: What comes next? While we eagerly wait for any updates on even just a slight possibility of a season 2, we are taking cues from the watch list of these stars in the meantime.


Photo from @annecurtissmith on Instagram

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis has always been straightforward with how she had crush on Korean actor Gong Yoo ever since she first watched him in hit Korean thriller Train To Busan. Recently, Anne shared on Twitter that she’s found the perfect series to start her K-Drama obsession again—Hotel Del Luna. From story line, set designs, to the character’s costumes, she loved everything, and we think we might, too.

Photo from @bela on Instagram

Bela Padilla

Also a self-confessed Goblin fan, Bela Padilla has constantly gushed of her long-standing admiration for Lee Dong Wook. Since nobody wants an unsolicited spoiler while watching a series, Bela even called out a fan who spoiled the ending of Uncontrollably Fond before she could even watch it. She sure seems to have the last laugh because as we speak, the screenwriter and actress is working on a romantic comedy film with Kim Gun Woo of Fight For My Way fame.

Photo from @reallysharoncuneta on Instagram

Sharon Cuneta

In her interviews on Gandang Gabi Vice and Magandang Buhay, Sharon is loud and proud with how much of a K-Drama fan she is. Apart from the luxurious jewelries that the Megastar owns, Sharon adorably shows off her Gong Yoo merchandise just so we need more proof. Needless to say, if you’re in a K-Drama bind, her suggestion remains firm with Goblin.

Photo from @super_janice on Instagram

Gelli De Belen

Here’s a sweet story about Gelli De Belen’s love for Koreanovelas. As someone who’s long been interested in watching K-Dramas, Gelli De Belen would take turns on the remote with her husband. Apparently, Gelli De Belen candidly influenced Ariel Rivera into getting on the narrative of Something In The Rain.

Photo from @krisaquino on Instagram

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino knew she got into the hallyu craze a bit later than everybody else. But better late than never right? Following Sky Castle, which was the first one that Kris has got hooked with, Descendants of the Sun was second on her list despite the Song-Song couple break-up. Note that she’s open for your recommendations, too.

Photo from @anakarylle on Instagram

Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon

The It’s Showtime host Karylle hit two birds with one stone: working out while watching K-Drama on Yes, she does that. I bet all of us can relate with how Karylle craves for Korean food as she binge-watches Korean series all day long. Dressing up as Secretary Kim from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim in It’s Showtime’s halloween party, Karylle takes the fangirling to the next level.

Photo from @glaizaredux on Instagram

Glaiza De Castro

On her trip to Korea, the self-confessed fan made it a point to visit taping locations of some K-Drama series she’s watched. Seeing Glaiza’s photo with W poster on the background, W: Two Worlds sure is one of one Glaiza’s top favorite series. Glaiza De Castro also streams on Tribe to watch every Korean series on her list.

Photo from @iamsuperbianca on Twitter

Bianca Gonzalez

On her recent tweet, the mom of two seems to be reluctant on whether to start watching Crash Landing On You or not. Bianca Gonzalez sure knows how starting a K-Drama can get you so much hooked even with just the pilot episode. We suggest taking the opportunity as soon as Carmen Eliana and Lucia falls asleep. You won’t regret it, Bianca.

Andrea Brillantes

No holds barred, Andrea Brillantes would do as any fan would–leave a comment on Nam Joo-Hyuk’s Instagram post. We can definitely relate to this fangirl as we’re also dying to get noticed by this Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo actor.