Cozy Makeup Is The Pandemic Beauty Trend of 2021

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The pandemic beauty trends have gone through waves of transformations over the last year. Now, we’re finding the in between with cozy makeup.

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At the start of quarantine, we were all feeling the suppression of self-expression brought by the nationwide lockdown. As a response to this, beauty fanatics everywhere took to their vanity tables. We saw Lady Gaga rock white eyeliner, Kathryn Bernardo turning out in glittery retro looks, and TikTok overpopulating with artsy beauty tutorials. In the wake of Euphoria and the revival of 90s trends, eccentric and colorful makeup was the center of beauty in 2020. As the year went on, we were all getting tired of the coronavirus. Dalgona coffee wasn’t cute anymore and the future was as blurry as beer goggles. Thus, the beauty community made a turn to the opposite direction. Shortly after, skinimalism made its debut. Just a month ago we wrote an honest review on the trend and the movement behind it. Now, we’re facing a new chapter in our pandemic storyline. We’re accepting the new normal as it is and finding the in between of the past trends through cozy makeup looks.

What is the cozy makeup trend?
First introduced in Vogue, the cozy makeup trend was Byredo Makeup’s response to the aftermath of Euphoria-esque looks. Their CEO and founder, Isamaya Ffrench, wanted to create makeup products that were creative yet practical. It’s the in between of maximalism and minimalism. It’s making the effort without going all out. Aside from this, it’s the type of makeup that could withstand the new normal lifestyle.

How do you pull it off?
Like all types of makeup trends, application all depends on the face. You could be wearing different shades of eyeshadow in the shape that is perfect for your eyes. For cozy makeup, it’s the same, except it demands for more versatility– a brown cat eye could be smudged into a smokey eye and so on. One may also make use of the best in skinimalism and maximalist makeup by wearing a skin tint and sculpting with a contour stick.

What products can I use?
The best part about cozy makeup is it’s the result of two past trends that we’ve already tried out. You can use any of the products you’ve used from the maximalism era and the skinimalism movement for cozy makeup. If you’re looking to splurge on a few products though, then we’d recommend the Cray Cosmetics Multi-use Tint in F2020, Fresh Formula’s Glow Boost Face Mist, and Careline Cosmetic’s Graphic Eyeliner to start you off.