Love in the Time of COVID-19: Mayor Aguinaldo Champions Love and Pride Amidst the Pandemic

It’s hard to feel sanguine when a global pandemic, political issues, racism, sexism, and economic crises continue to pervade headlines everyday. But as we celebrate the country’s 122nd Independence Day, may we all be reminded of the hardships that we have endured as a nation, and the unwavering spirit of our countrymen. Bringing light to one of the gloomiest times our generation is witnessing, one man has stepped up to be a beacon: Mayor Angelo Aguinaldo of Kawit, Cavite.

The great-grandson of the former president Emilio Aguinaldo has made it his mission to use his power and influence to create spaces where everyone is welcome, accepted, embraced, and supported for who they are. To celebrate the colorful LGBTQIA+ community, Mayor Aguinaldo has held two activities last February at the Liwasang Aguinaldo Freedom Park where members of the community and its supporters were free to showcase their talents, creativity, and vigor: the Rampa sa Kawit Street Dancing Competition and Rampa sa Kawit Amazing Talent Show.

Notable guests and icons in the LGBTQIA+ community also joined the festivities and judged the competition: Francine Garcia, Mark Manicad, JM Canillas, Showtime’s Miss Q & A Juliana Parizcova Segovia, and Senyora Santibañez. Kicking the celebration off were Ganiel Krishnan and Nico Locco as hosts. 

In a time where negativity is all we see on the news and social media, these have surely served as a welcome breather from the taxing situation we are in.

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