Live The Parisian Life With Chris Nick's Latest Home Decor
Live The Parisian Life With Chris Nick’s Latest Home Decor

Live The Parisian Life With Chris Nick’s Latest Home Decor

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In collaboration with Home MNL, Chris Nick designs his first line of tableware that brings the spirit of Paris right into our homes.

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From the way we dress to how we live, the continuing quarantine has upended our lives in ways we didn’t foresee. But amid the pandemic, there is one peculiar at-home persona we have all embodied: amateur home designers. Now that home is all we have, it comes with a newfound desire transform our space into one that can provide a sense of escapism. For fashion designer Chris Nick this was also the case. “There was just something about being able to decorate or create your own space that brings me so much joy—just like in fashion, you are able to transport someone into a world that you created,” he says. 

If you’ve dreamed of living in Paris as a hopeless romantic in a city of historic architecture, chic cafes, and apartments with effortlessly elegant interiors, then look no further because Chris Nick is bringing Parisian flare with his first home collection.

In collaboration with Chef Francis Tolentino, owner of Home MNL, an online-based site for curated living essentials, “The Standard in Chic Elegance: Your Newest Essentials For Your Tablescapes” features a line of tableware essentials made for the Chris Nick woman—“a woman who is indeed très chic and has that certain je ne sais quoi to her.”

Chris Nick, who has a penchant for French fashion and culture, also knows that food is only half the battle when it comes to hosting dinner parties. The French honors the tradition of l’art de la table where a tablespace can make or break an evening. Think fine silverware, crystal glasses, and porcelain plates that are always beautifully set. A reason why Chris Nick’s design for the tableware is also delicate, fanciful, and intricately festooned with his sketches and phrases.  

Speaking to his personality as an entertainer and fashion designer, it’s also imbued with the classic French-style jewel box of black, white, and gold. “Home design has and always will be something I’m very passionate about—in fact before thinking of taking up fashion design, I had interior design in mind,” he admits. 

So in true Parisian style, slip on some of the designer’s luxe loungewear, pour yourself a glass of red, and have yourself a chic and elegant affair at home with Chris Nick’s latest collection.

“The Standard in Chic Elegance: Your Newest Essentials For Your Tablescapesis available at and on Instagram @homemnl