11 Modern Chick Flicks You Should Binge-Watch This Love Month
11 Modern Chick Flicks You Should Binge-Watch For A Romance-Filled Love Month

11 Modern Chick Flicks You Should Binge-Watch For A Romance-Filled Love Month

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Curl up in your blankets, all snug and warm, prepare a box of tissue, and get these chick flicks playing on queue. 

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How have you been spending the love month? While some of them may be going to restaurant dates, go ahead, get cozy, and do your thing. Inject a shot of feel-good giddy romance, and all the emotions in between by watching these certified chick flick hits. Whether you will be in Netflix and chilling with your special someone or all by yourself, spend the Valentine’s and the rest of the weekend running a marathon of these romantic films.

Love, Rosie

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If there’s one movie I could watch over a thousand times, it would be Love, Rosie. When Rosie Dunne says “I will always honestly, completely, truly love you, ” to her best friend, Alex Stewart, I was deeply moved. It taught me how to stay honest to others and most importantly to yourself.

Last Christmas

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With Last Christmas‘ major plot twist, I wasn’t able to brace myself for a heartbreaking spectacle of events. This movie will give you a lot of impressions and give you a roller coaster of emotions. I found myself laughing, crying, falling in love over and over again, breaking my heart, and mending it back to whole.

Me Before You

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Emilia Clarke sure know how to leave us with a good cry. Me Before You gave me more reason to value yourself, the time, and the people you encountered in your life. It’s all about the little moments that make it big and special.

Set It Up

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When you try to do influence someone’s life to take a positive effect on yours, things might actually go your way and unexpected situations will unfold. If between career and love life you only pour your time and effort on one, then it might be difficult to find life balance.

One Day

Aside from the fact that Jim Sturgess was really attractive in this film, we can’t help but see a part of ourselves in Emma Morley. But we have to trust the process when we feel a bit lost in trying to be the woman that we aspire. While the future is unknown, we have to be creating wise decisions.

How To Be Single

From the title itself, How To Be Single will prove how you don’t need someone to feel complete. However, after watching other chick flicks and landing to this film, I felt like I need a kind friendship like the one Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson had. There may be no written rules to being single, but there certainly are ways to handle it better and there’s where you need to watch the film.

Crazy Rich Asians

Meeting a man like Nick Young may be a shot to the moon, but watching Crazy Rich Asians makes us want to be how lovely and strong Rachel Chu is in the eyes of our own Nick Young in every way possible. It’s quite impossible not to fall for grand gestures, but with a lot of factors that could complicate the relationship, love can be more difficult than it already is.

The Fault In Our Stars

Bookworms Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters have the perfectly imperfect relationship. From reading books together, attending the support group to giving each other an infinity with a numbered days, I will still cry a bucket as I watch The Fault In Our Stars over and over again. Okay? Okay.

Marriage Story

As this Oscar-nominated film tells how strong and selfless Nicole and Charlie Barber are while they weigh their parenthood and married life, Marriage Story shattered my heart. Even with the introductory monologue, I felt a love that was undivided, genuine, and compassionate.

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Admit it: Some time in our life, we have become the Lara Jean type of girlfriend. But, in order to make things work every single time, communication is always the key. Sometimes, we fail to recognize our real intentions. Thus, things get complicated and either one of you might get it the wrong way.

Dear John

Not everything you imagined for your life will turn just fine and exact. In this selfish world, love can mean a lot of things—love for someone special, for friends, and for families. Dear John taught how love can still find its growth even when you’re apart.