Chic Loungewear Is The New Style Trend When Working From Home

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Getting sick and tired of your dull work from home looks? Elevate your #WFHLook with this emerging style trend: chic loungewear.

As we are already living in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution where the physical world is slowly merging with digital processes, especially that the whole world is in quarantine, we are now stuck in our own homes doing everything virtually. From constantly working on our desk for 8 hours (or evevn more) to squeezing in some of our own leisure time watching Netflix or spending quality time with our family, the very influential rise of technology continues to blur the line between our personal and professional lives.

With this in mind, there’s no other option for us but to cope. We need to be able to find ways how we can navigate through this so-called new normal. And while we patiently wait for science to present a vaccine that shall save everyone from COVID-19,

we turn to art as a means to help us get through the daily struggle.

So, think of art as our sort of escapism. And for all the style savants, we can all agree that fashion is the main art we do. We always make it a point to inspire or simply make someone smile with our outfits. In fact, whenever someone says that we look great during our usual Zoom meetings, it’s already a big help for us to cope.

Now, in order for us to keep on doing so, we need to upgrade our work from home looks now and then. Fortunately, there are a few brands that have started offering us the best ensembles to don during work hours without sacrificing comfort. Here are three brands where you can get your new #WFHLook:

Jaz Cerezo

Recently, Jaz Cerezo made a really striking statement with a chic loungewear RTW line. In fact, we saw Heart Evangelista-Escudero donning one of Jaz’ pieces as the star been working from home non-stop with her charitable causes. The style star wore the Ceres asymmetric silk crepe tunic in the understated beauty of the Onyx hue.

Rajo Laurel

Rajo Laurel just unveiled his new lounge and home wear, which was in fact an extension of his Hacienda collection. Sticking to his ever sophisticated aesthetic of marrying simplicity and poetic elegance, he has created a stunning blouse in a relaxed silhouette accented by a ruched detail on one

Photo from @d_laurel on Instagram

Silk & Stone

Global Filipino-owned brand Silk & Stone has been garbing several personalities already with their luxe silk clothing. From Denise Laurel to Lucy Torres-Gomez, they have proved that silk dresses are definitely versatile and never sacrifices comfort. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t want to feel the soft texture of pure silk.