Check The Label, Honey: What Should You Look At When Buying Makeup And Skincare
Check The Label, Honey: What Should You Look At When Buying Makeup And Skincare

Check The Label, Honey: What Should You Look At When Buying Makeup And Skincare

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On the lookout  for what skincare and makeup to buy next? Before you make the purchase, these are the things you need to read when considering your next beauty find.

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Before skincare and makeup products stock the shelves and finally, fill your kit, it goes through different means of filtering, pigmentation, testing, and so on. Sure, one must have a stern consideration for their skin concerns and desired beauty looks when buying a product, but it should go more than that. Whether it stays true to its well-advertised testimony of whitening, minimizing pores, removing acne, correcting discoloration, being highly-pigmented, what really is there to look for?

Now more than ever, there lies a great focus for what goes into a product and how it’s made. No longer operating on blind faith, it goes without saying that reading between the lines of the labels hold a high regard in the power of purchasing. There are many things that are written, yes, but what does it all mean? Well, with a great curiosity, we sat down and studied these phrases, fragments, and jargons that make up the essay of beauty that we all practically depend on these days. Besides, one can never be too sure these days. One must be equipped with first-hand knowledge and understanding of the things that smear, slick, and speckle our faces—for our sake and the greater world, too.

After this, you’ll be reading much more into things, and with good measure, dare we say.

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Since several beauty brands are already getting into it, you’ve probably come across some labels that reads: cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan. If the welfare of the environment and some furry friends concern you, take note that these products don’t just take positive effect on you, but on them as well. Be responsible and start investing on vegan beauty products—sourced from no animal materials like honey, beeswax, or anything produced by animals.

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In every experimentation, especially in the past, millions of animals of the vertebrate kind are used to test skincare and makeup products. Basically, if products were tested to be unsafe, they were harmed before we were. Skin-loving brands like Lush, The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works are some of those brands that do not use any animals during the creation and testing process. In purchasing a beauty product, try to look for a rabbit icon to know if the product is cruelty-free.

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Then there goes products that are made paraben-free. FYI, parabens are synthetic preservatives used in pharmaceuticals, beauty, and even food products that can kill micro-organisms. As studies show how paraben can damage our body little by little, beauty brands went out of harm’s way and started producing paraben-free products.

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While we see these mostly on food, some beauty products are also gluten-free. There’s actually a growing one percent gluten intolerant population with celiac disease. Even with its proven nutrition, wheat has negative side effects to skin such as visible signs of skin aging. Wheat’s high glycemic index stimulates increase in blood sugar, pumping the insulin count, and causing increased sebum production. Munching down on some wheat bread makes anybody more prone to clogged pores and inescapable breakouts, but with gluten-free beauty products, we better be safe than sorry.