Here's How You Can Channel Your Inner Anti-Fashion Child a la Jessica Yang

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Feeling rebellious? Be an anti-fashion, anti-hero child like Jessica Yang in ways easier than you imagined!
Jessica Yang has proven that style doesn’t always mean following the status quo. This model-influencer breaks the norm by being the anti-fashion, anti-hero child that she is.
From her fearless take on trends to amping up classics, Jessica makes sure she is one of a kind when it comes to style and fashion. And it’s only right for Yang to be one of the few chosen ambassadors for Converse One Star. The model represented the Philippines at the #RatedOneStar celebration held at Sao Paolo, Brazil. Not only did she leave a mark, Jessica also led the youth in becoming an anti-fashion, anti-hero like herself. Want to know how to be one with her? Here are 5 easy ways on how to be the fashion rebel you’ve always wanted to be:

Keep It Simple

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Take it from Jessica Yang, simple and comfortable is where it all begins. Start off by picking clothes you’re most comfortable wearing (like a cropped top, denim shorts, and pair of trusty One Star), then spice it up with bright colors and one little accessory to underline the look. By doing this, you will look more confident in whatever you wear!

Make A Statement

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Leave a message whenever you pass by. From the streets to parties, make sure your style stands out by owning it. Wear it like you mean it. You can start by picking one item that you can own and wear whenever, wherever, and with whatever! For Jessica, it’s always gonna be her pair of One Star.

Show It Off

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Highlight your best assets and show them off. Don’t be afraid of what people tell about your imperfections and kick ass with your favorite pair of shoes. Just like Jessica, go ahead and skip the negativity. Be proud and loud!

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to pick the craziest colors on the rack. Mix and match them to pull off the ultimate look that you can call you. If it doesn’t work the first time, there are always chances (and a lot more brand new things) to come. And when you find your style, own it just like how Jessica Yang owns hers.

Try Something New

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Go ahead and try new colors, new trends, and new classics. Doing something new doesn’t always make you a “hipster”. Discovering new things can only lead you to that one thing missing from your statement or show you that one thing you should have long discarded.