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These Celebs Have Gone Meatless — Here’s How They Did It

These Celebs Have Gone Meatless — Here’s How They Did It

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Did you fast this Holy Week? Despite being a regular custom for Catholics, not everyone can have the capacity to go meatless for long. It takes focus, preparation, and a whole lot of discipline to join the plant-based lifestyle.

Think you can make the switch? Check out these celebs who’ve gone to the green side — and how they accomplished the feat.

Nadine Lustre

Photo from MEGA archives

Before going full vegan, the 27-year old started out as a pescatarian, meaning primarily eating fish rather than pork or beef. This is usually done as a stepping stone to the vegan lifestyle, as it isn’t recommended to go cold turkey when switching up your food intake.

Nadine started off the year by announcing that she’s been eating plant-based food for a month. Her health coach also revealed that the actress was eating around 20 different plan meals a week to ensure she gets a variety of proteins while not getting too bored.

“I never thought I’d love vegan food this much,” Nadine captioned.

If you’re thinking of making the switch yourself, it’s always best to know how to prep plant-based meals too so you won’t fall back on old habits if you get too used to the usual veggie dishes. There are tons of delectable plant-based meals to be had!

Geneva Cruz

Photo from Geneva Cruz’s Instagram

One of the sexiest 45-year olds we’ve ever seen! Geneva has been a long-time vegan and advocate for vegetarianism in the country. She turned her back on the meat industry at 15 years old when she witnessed freely roaming animals during a commercial shoot.

Since then, Geneva has gone to represent the country in numerous vegan campaigns. She was even dubbed the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity in the Philippines by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia.

“For me, being vegan is not about the diet. It’s really about my love for all creatures,” Geneva shared with PETA in 2012. “Animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone, just as humans are. They have the same body parts, the same five senses, and the same range of emotions.”

Maxene Magalona-Mananquil

Photo from Maxene Magalona-Mananquil’s Instagram

Are we even surprised that the Yogi (Yoga enthusiast) has a healthy lifestyle too? Maxene has been a proud vegan since 2019, as she’s since been on an inspiring self-discovery journey while in Bali, Indonesia with her husband Rob Mananquil — who happens to be a yoga teacher.

She quit meat after realizing the “pain and suffering to other living beings.” She’s also been exercising her spiritual life, as she explained that one of her reasons was “one of the moral codes we follow in yoga known as ahimsa which means non-violence in Sanskrit.”

Maxene has also collaborated with PETA to promote satisfying and guilt-free plant-based burgers.