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The Most Epic PH Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2021

The Most Epic PH Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2021

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Did you dress up for Halloween?

Whether it be through virtual gatherings or simply for the aesthetic, Halloween is truly the season to bring out your creativity. For 2021, a number of showbiz personalities showed off their A-game with costumes from 90s shows, pop culture references, or simply from memes!

Think you got them beat? Here are some of the best celeb Halloween costumes this 2021.

Toni and Alex Gonzaga – Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa

Photo from Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram

90s babies, you know this one to heart! The Gonzaga sisters dressed up as Miss Minchin and Princess Sarah from the hit TV and movie adaptation. Toni’s son, Seve, also had a special appearance as Cedie!

Liza Soberano – Cassie Howard from Euphoria

Photo from Liza Soberano’s TikTok

Here’s a TV reference that not everyone will get: Cassie Howard from the HBO series, Euphoria! The character is played by American actress Sydney Sweeney in the series led by Zendaya. Liza donned Cassie’s classic blue and dotted skirt at a costume party. There’s no word just yet if Enrique Gil had a matching outit.

Andrea Brillantes – Beth Harmon

Photo from Andrea Brillantes’ Instagram

Checkmate. Andrea Brillantes dressed up as the brilliant chessmaster Beth Harmon from the Netflix original series, The Queen’s Gambit. Her rumored beau, Seth Fedelin, also went as Beth’s chess foe, Benny Watts.

Kim Chiu – Snow White

Photo from Kim Chiu’s Instagram

With her sweet features and bob wig, Kim Chiu looked exactly like the Disney princess during a costume party with her family.

Julia Barretto – Catwoman

Photo from Julia Barretto’s vlog

It’s the leather for us. In a YouTube vlogl, Julia Barretto took her fans on her Halloween costume journey to portray the iconic female superhero once portrayed by Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

In the vlog, she revealed that the idea came to her in the wee hours of the night: “It was twelve midnight, naisip ko lang to be catwoman.”

Angel Locsin – Squid Game

Photo from Angel Locsin’s Instagram

Angel Locsin and her husband Neil Arce even took their love for the Netflix Korean series to the next level by decorating their home with Squid Game’s set design and even red-hooded guard statues.

Billy and Coleen Garcia – Pokémon

Photo from Colleen Garcia-Crawford’s Instagram

In another ode to the 90s, the Crawford family gathered their Poké Balls and dressed up as Ash Ketchum and Misty out to catch all the Pokémon. Their adorable firstborn, Amara, was even in an adorable Snorlax onesie!

Isabelle Daza – Beetlejuice

Photo from Isabelle Daza’s Instagram

Isabelle Daza turned to the 80s in her rendition of the famously creepy underworld clown. Just don’t say his name thrice.

Maja Salvador – Kim Kardashian (Met Gala 2021)

Photo from Maja Salvador’s Instagram

Finally, in a reference that’s both fit for Halloween and in modern culture, Maja Salvador donned Kim Kardashian’s 2021 Met Gala outfit. The all-black covered-up ensemble by Balenciaga was a major hit during the event, and it’s no different with Maja.