Shacked up: Celebrity Couples who Had A Live-in Relationship

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Every relationship is different; and with so many factors affecting compatibility nowadays, it’s only natural that some couples prefer to live-in first to test the waters.

Check out these celebrity couples who were open about having a live-in situation.

Derek Ramsey & Ellen Adarna

Two months after making their relationship public, Derek and Ellen openly posted that they were in a “love lockdown” after being quarantined together in ECQ. 

Photo from Ellen Adarna’s Instagram

Though it didn’t take the pair to make wedding bells ring, the two are adamant supporters of the live in set-up. Derek himself shared a home with former girlfriend Andrea Torres, while Ellen revealed in a recent Spotify podcast that it’s one of the best ways to know your partner.

Feeling ko if I don’t live in with a person, I don’t know him. How will I get to know him, how will I get to know the truth? Kasi it’s so different when you’re in the same house,” she said.

Jake Cuenca & Kylie Verzosa

This fit couple has been shacking up since the start of the community quarantine. Though they have separate condo units near each other, they also share a home with their two adorable dogs: Nugget and Leo.

Photo from Kylie Verzosa’s Instagram

“We’re just trying to have fun with our lives. And I think hindi naman na kami teenybopper, hindi na kami younger 20s,” the Miss World had shared back in 2020. “I hope people respect our decision with whatever decision we have with our lives. I think we’re just two independent people and we’re already of age. ‘Yun lang po masasabi ko.”

Megan Young & Mikael Daez

Before they officially tied the knot, this gamer couple found the ideal condo for the two of them and just decided to run with it.

Photo from Megan Young’s Instagram

Speaking through their podcast Behind Relationship Goals, they shared that the decision was born out of poor excitement to be with their “favorite person.” Cue the heart eyes.

“I was just excited to hang around with you because obviously we like being around one another and I think that’s very clear. The podcast is proof of that,” Mikael shared.

The pair are now moving on their way to move to a new home.

Nadine Lustre & James Reid

Perhaps one of the most iconic progressive lines of so-called President Nadine was “Come on, guys, it’s 2017!” in response to nosy reporters asking if she was living in with then-boyfriend James Reid.

Photo from MEGA archives

Though the two didn’t explicitly confirm the live-in set-up, Nadine’s words ring true to today’s society. Come on guys, it’s 2021, let people live!