#HomeButNotAlone: The Free Digital Concert Of The Stars Continues For Front-liners And For Everyone

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We’re on the fourth week of an enhanced, and now extended, community quarantine, and so far, a lot of digital efforts have been keeping us sane and putting a smile on our beloved front-liners. 

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No matter how lonely, boring, and downright depressing it gets to stay still at home, it is the only way to keep us safe. Needless to say, we continuously owe our front-liners a huge debt for risking their lives and saving us from this pandemic. It doesn’t even to be anything grand. For them, and everyone in need, small gestures can go a really long way. If you’ve been wanting to help our front liners in this situation, here is one of the simplest ways to help a front liner, doing you both a favor. Yes, with you staying at home while taking part in this initiative will help tenfold.

Just when we thought these celebrities are over with their endeavors to uplift the spirits of Filipinos, this free online concert will keep running until April 14, Tuesday. #HomeButNotAlone: A Facebook & Instagram Live Music Festival is a free digital concert that will not only keep yourself entertained, but also gather donations for the benefit of our healthcare workers and front-liners. Along with these celebrities and everyone behind these undertaking, we are not stopping to help flatten the curve.

Once you check out Popup Digital‘s Instagram account, you can keep yourself updated with their schedules and keep track of which celebrities, singers, and big personalities get to perform per day. These stars are preparing different kinds of activities and entertainment to keep you sane including workout sessions. Serenading us for the past weeks are Janella Salvador, Moira Dela Torre, Angeline Quinto, Kz Tandingan, and a lot more. In their own creative ways, Popup Digital has labeled some grocery items with the names of the featured stars who participated in this drive.



#HomeButNotAlone partnered with Caritas Manila, PGH Medical Foundation, and Kaya Natin—wherein each will receive a fairly divided amount of the proceeds. The three organizations were focusing heavily on stopping the spread of the virus and giving utmost attention to those front-liners who most need it—PGH as the official COVID-19 Referral Center, Kaya Natin as major providers of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), and Caritas Manila as front runners of protecting poor families affected by COVID-19. And to keep transparent transactions for where every donation falls, this donation drive regularly shares the breakdown of the accumulated donations on their social media platforms.

Looking for a way to donate and help with the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out #HomeButNotAlone‘s donation drives here to learn more about their beneficiaries. For more information on #HomeButNotAlone, you can visit Popup Digital’s their Facebook and Instagram accounts.