All The Celebrities That Took On The #10YearChallenge On Social Media

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As the #10YearChallenge and #HowHardDidAgingHitYouChallenge reaches their peak on social media, many notable personalities have joined in, furthering the trend. Most took to Instagram or Twitter to share their own take on the challenge, with some even going as far as throwing back a photo from 20 years ago. The stars either how they’ve improved over the years while others pointed out how they remained the same, much to the amazement of fans and followers.

From J.Lo’s pregnancy bump to an 18-year old Tyra on a runway in Paris to our very own Ruffa Gutierrez flaunting her never-changing beauty, we’ve gathered our top favorite celebrity before and after posts for the #10YearChallenge that they themselves posted on their social media accounts.

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