Hype Is Real: All The Celeb Filipino Voices in Netflix's "TRESE"
Hype Is Real: All The Celeb Filipino Voices in Netflix’s “TRESE”

Hype Is Real: All The Celeb Filipino Voices in Netflix’s “TRESE”

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ICYMI, The Filipino comic book series “TRESE” just released its first official Netflix trailer. Created by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo, the series follows Alexandra Trese, a crime-fighting detective who deals with creatures inspired by Philippine mythological folklore.

Photo courtesy: Netflix

“Set in a Manila where the mythical creatures of Philippine folklore live in hiding amongst humans, Alexandra Trese finds herself going head to head with a criminal underworld comprised of malevolent supernatural beings,” the series’ synopsis reads.

Taking true from its source material, the Netflix series dropping on June 11 promises an epic ride into the twisted world of Manila – and the voice cast is as #local as it gets. Check out all the Filipino voices in TRESE.

Alexandra Trese – Liza Soberano (Filipino dub) and Shay Mitchell (English dub)

Alexandra is the series’ titular main character and a badass woman with a few mysterious tricks up her sleeve. As the series’ lore grows deeper, fans will see why and how Alexandra is so close to the Underworld

Captain Guerrero – Matt Yang King (Filipino) and Apollo Abraham (English)

The captain is the underground task force’s main leader and is often who calls Alexandra for a task.

Hank Sparrow – Christopher Carlo Galing (Filipino) and Jon Jon Briones (English)

The staple bartender of TRESE’s bar, The Diabolical. Hank often has the best stories, though he’s a trusted ally of many.

Marco – Jose Amado Santiago (Filipino) and Darren Criss (English)

As a new character for the Netflix series, fans will just have to wait and see for Marco’s spin on the animated adaptation.

Maliksi – Steve Dela Cruz (Filipino) and Manny Jacinto (English)

Maliksi is a well-meaning but mischievous tikbalang who causes consistent trouble along Metro Manila’s C-5 road extension.

Miranda Trese – Cheska Aguiluz (Filipino) and Nicole Scherzinger (English)

The mother of Alexandra and her seven siblings.

More TRESE voice actors include:

Simon Dela Cruz – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio)

Eugene Adalia – Anton Trese 

Christian Velarde – Nuno

Bryan Encarnacion – Datu Talagbusao

Nica Rojo – Ramona

Jo Anne Orobia-Chua – Emissary

Jose Amado Santiago – Marco

Steve dela Cruz – Maliksi

Rene Tandoc – Mayor Santamaria

Steffi Graf Bontogon-Mola – Young, Teen Alexandra

RJ Celdran – Santelmo, Señor Armanaz