Catriona Gray Wears the Islands, Culture, and Spirit of the Philippines as Her National Costume for Miss Universe

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The national costumes of the candidates of  Miss Universe 2018 got bigger and edgier.

Our very own Catriona Gray wore all of the Philippines during the national costume competition last night. Gray’s eye-catching costume called LUZVIMINDA featured the islands, history, culture, and the spirit of the Philippines literally from head to toe.

LUZON: Magdiwang

Just in time for the Holidays, Catriona showed everyone how rich the tradition of a Filipino Christmas is through the ginormous parol painted with the colors of the flag of the Philippines. Representing the island of Luzon, the parol was specially made in Pampanga where the Giant Lantern Festival takes place every year.

Photograph courtesy of @jearsond (Instagram)

The lyrics of Lupang Hinirang were inscribed in baybayin at the back of the parol. The paintings show the events, the history and heroes of the country using the art style of Philippine National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco.

Photograph courtesy of @jearsond (Instagram)

VISAYAS: Lumaban

Representing the islands of Visayas, Catriona wore a bodysuit beautifully embellished with crystals that showcase tattoo designs of Pintados.

Photograph courtesy of @jearsond (Instagram)

MINDANAO: Pagyamanin

With her T’Boli headpiece and brass accessories, and knee-high boots that feature different indigenous patterns, Catriona Gray represented the rich heritage and roots of the Mindanaoan people that are still very much evident until today.


Photograph courtesy of @jearsond (Instagram)

The well-researched and extremely detailed costume is created by Filipino designers headed by Jearson Demavivas together with Carlos Buendia Jr., Jojo Bragais, Andrea Aliman, Jojo Luarca III, Mak Tumang, and Ardel Presentacion.