Catriona Gray Continues to Do It All Post Pageantry With This Beauty Boost
Catriona Gray Continues to Do It All Post Pageantry With This Beauty Boost

Catriona Gray Continues to Do It All Post Pageantry With This Beauty Boost

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From starring on weekly television to making history internationally, there’s more to the pageant life of Catriona Gray, especially since she has a beauty boost by her side

It’s been three years since the end of Catriona Gray’s reign as our Miss Universe but our queen shows no signs of slowing down or stepping out of the spotlight. Today, she remains in the public eye as a sought-after host and model, a musician and influencer, and even an advocate for several causes close to her heart. Keeping track of her many commitments can be quite a challenge, even if they’re all well-documented on her social media channels, so here are some of the things she’s been up to since her last lava walk, and her secret on what powers her every move:

Moved into her new home

Die-hard followers of Catriona might have missed her on Instagram lately as she went on an unannounced hiatus. Last September 23, she updated fans with an apology “for being MIA” but with good reason: “I’m currently moving house and it’s my parents’ last week before going back to [Australia] so lots of packing and quality time before they go,” her caption reads. This is considered a dream come true for Catriona, who has long considered herself as a “nomad”, having lived in several rented apartments over the past decade.

Catriona and Sam with their adorable fur babies. Source: Instagram

While we only have a few strategically taken shots to go by, we can already see that Casa Gray is shaping up to be a vibrant space with decorations as colorful and creative as the woman who owns it.

Going behind the mic

Prior to entering the world of pageantry, Catriona actually had her sights set on being a singer. Boasting a degree in music theory, ear training, and harmony from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she once used her strong, full voice to raise funds for her chosen charities.

Catriona has since released songs like “We’re in This Together” in collaboration with Young Focus Philippines, a nonprofit organization geared towards alleviating poverty in the country through educating underprivileged and at-risk youth; as well as “Raise Your Flag (R.Y.F.)”, a compelling and patriotic anthem that aims to inspire listeners to stand up for someone or something amid challenging times. Apart from societal topics, her latest single “Love Language” is a deep cut into her personal self—her most vulnerable song yet.

The stage is ready for Catriona to take the lead in hosting this competition. Source: Instagram

Aside from music, she has also been behind the mic on big stages, hosting some top events and television shows. Last March, she was revealed to be the main host of P-pop reality competition show, “Top Class”. And circling back to her pageantry days, Catriona made headlines last July with the announcement of her hosting the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas. 

Got her statue at Madame Tussauds Singapore

Catriona recently made history as the first Filipino to have a twin of their own in the Singapore branch of the world-famous attraction. Located in the Sentosa attraction’s TV and Film zone, her wax figure is seen sporting a replica of the iconic Mayon Volcano-inspired lava gown from her Miss Universe coronation night.

Plans of erecting her statue date back to 2019, when she was summoned to the museum’s head office in New York to have her measurements taken. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated project had to be pushed back indefinitely due to the pandemic. But earlier this year, the wait all culminated in a wax figure that is sure to be the center of attention for proud Filipino tourists.

Madame Tussauds unveils their wax figure of the queen, and of course, the resemblance is on point. Source: Instagram

One can only wonder what the catalyst for her confidence could be and where we could get some of it for ourselves. Thankfully, Catriona has long mentioned Myra E as the secret to beauty that glows from within and empowers her to withstand all challenges. “I’ve been a Myra girl since 2012,” she shared. “I’m so excited to be a part of this family but to also really represent Filipina women being at their best.” 

The trusty supplement is known to remove harmful free radicals and promote cell and tissue renewal, which results in a healthier, glowing complexion. But for Catriona to continue powering through her busy schedule without spreading too thin and burning out, she needs confidence beyond what’s seen on the outside. Thankfully, Myra E’s active ingredient, d-Alpha Tocopherol, is a powerful antioxidant that not only helps give her healthy glowing skin from within, but also boosts her immunity. With Myra in her arsenal, it’s no wonder she can continue to conquer the universe and convince the everyday Filipina to do the same. 

“Always ready for the universe,” Catriona exclaims in this Instagram post.

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