Catch A True Skincare Essential with a Guidebook Written by a True Expert
Catch A True Skincare Essential with a Guidebook Written by a True Expert

Catch A True Skincare Essential with a Guidebook Written by a True Expert

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SKINCELL founder and lead dermatologist Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona condenses 20 years of clinical and aesthetic dermatology experience in a catch-all guidebook with the launch of the “What’s Up with My Skin?” series

The phrase “Knowledge is Power” applies not only to general life challenges, but also to taking good care of your skin. “What’s Up with My Skin?” arrives in bookstores as both a creatively-executed guide series and an informational primer written primarily for teens dealing with skin issues, but also for parents who encounter the same questions and concerns for their kids. Offering a lifetime’s worth of skincare tips and tricks from only the most reliable source one could find, discover what else this comprehensive guidebook has to offer below.

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Authored by Dr. Issa

“What’s Up with My Skin?” was written by SKINCELL Clinic’s founder and lead dermatologist Doctor Clarissa V. Cellona. Dr. Cellona—or simply Dr. Issa as referred to by her patients—has been the go-to expert for the skin of various high-profile personalities ranging from showbiz stars like Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Dawn Zulueta, and Jessy Mendiola, to fashion and design queens such as Patty Ang, Jhoanna Lhuillier and Margot Midwinter. 

Such a star-studded clientele list did not come to Dr. Issa out of sheer chance. As the product of the INTARMED Program of the University of the Philippines – College of Medicine, Dr. Issa successfully finished her fellowship under the mentorship of renowned American dermatologist Dr. Howard Maibach at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF). Apart from leading a group of Board-Certified Dermatologists and highly trained personnel at SKINCELL, Dr. Issa also serves as an active consultant at the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City, where she heads the Environmental Dermatology Unit.

Also serving as a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, Dr. Issa was inspired to tackle the complex topic of teenage skin during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, writing “What’s Up with My Skin?” in the hopes that it will support the youth in navigating the physiological and anatomical changes that they will experience during their adolescent years.

“I’ve been a board certified dermatologist for almost 20 years and I consulted for quite a large number of patients. The most common cases were often related to teen-related skin issues,” explained Dr. Issa, who gives us a bit of insight on what urged her to write an educational, easy-to-read pamphlet about the skin’s biological changes during puberty: “Understandably, the challenges in managing teen skin can be very distressing not only to the young patient but to the parents as well.”

The best skincare solutions illustrated

“What’s Up with My Skin?” functions as a primer on the most frequently encountered skin issues observed by teenagers such as acne, body odor, body hair, eczema, and dandruff, with a section even dedicated to cosmetics and whitening. Featuring colorful illustrations and written with a comforting and clarifying tone, Dr. Issa infuses each topic and chapter with empowering knowledge through an affective chic, still-life presentation. 

“This book is dedicated to my only teenage son Angelo as well as all the youth out there. They are all very fortunate to grow up at a time when it is now easier to treat their skin concerns due to advancements in medicine particularly in dermatology.”

Doctor Clarissa V. Cellona on appreciating the power of modern medicine

Dr. Issa also shared another crucial goal of hers in the creation of this guidebook, which is to “dispel all these skin myths and correct all the wrong information found on the less-than-trustworthy sources online.” She laments on the importance of credibility and accessing reliable, science-based information, adding “Sure, everything is available on the internet. But are the parents and kids getting the right information, or are they getting disinformation in return?” 

“What’s Up with My Skin?” is available online at select Summit Books Online Partner Stores as well as SKINCELL’s official Lazada store. The guidebook is also available at all SKINCELL clinics.

For more information on SKINCELL, visit their official website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates.