Cartier Revamps Their Iconic Parisian Home MEGA - MEGA
Cartier Revamps Their Iconic Parisian Home

Cartier Revamps Their Iconic Parisian Home

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After the two-year long renovation, Cartier finally reopened its house of modern elegance with timeless beauty to the public 

The City of Lights—Paris, France. Teeming with history and art, fashion and jewelry connoisseurs already know it houses the famed 13 rue de la Paix. The historical French building is known to be the home upon which Cartier was built by Louis Cartier in 1899. Now, Cartier finally reveals the newly revamped 13 rue de la Paix after two years in the making. The renovation of the flagship store is meant to embrace modernity while still preserving its iconic identity.

Three architectural and design firms worked collaboratively in reimagining the iconic building: Moinard Bétaille, Studioparisien, and Laura Gonzalez. Making sure to uphold the brand’s prominence and luxurious ambiance, the three incorporated a modern flair to the design. It is now adorned with contemporary accents and bright modernized codes while still staying true to the architectural character and distinguished facade of the building, perfectly capturing the timeless identity of Cartier as it enters its new chapter. Standing tall with six newly redesigned floors, the flagship store is divided into three sections among the three trusted firms that took on this immense renovation. 

The architects and designers made sure to preserve the iconic neoclassical facade of the Maison
The atrium from the ground floor floods the building with warmth from the natural light.

Long-time design and architecture partners of Cartier, architects Claire Bétaille and Bruno Moinard of the Moinard Bétaille agency took charge of the first three floors. The architects focused on constructing a bright and lavish space for the boutique, giving their valued guests a vast expanse of the first levels to explore. Having more than 20 years of experience in designing the brand’s boutiques, the two were intent on preserving the dignified and elegant atmosphere of the store.

The customer services and the high jewelry workshops are situated on the third and fourth floor respectively. Designed by Laurène Barbier Tardrew and Romain Jourdan, the architects and designers of the Studioparisien, the two floors utilized Parisian style elements that are complemented with contemporary features. It’s also a space provided with an abundance of natural light, thanks to the interior skylight and tall windows that surround the store.

The Residence, Cartier’s exclusive space for living and entertaining
Parisian design codes and bright contemporary elements perfectly intertwine in the customer services floor.

Laura Gonzalez was responsible for the celebration of cultural features and intricate craftsmanship done on the fifth and top level of the boutique. The archives, winter garden, and the Residence, a dedicated space for Cartier’s exclusive events, can be found at the top levels of the building. 

Continuing with their commitment to producing timeless and well-crafted jewelry, Cartier has proven to be a house of elegance and luxury. With their newly renovated flagship store now open to the public, the quintessential Maison welcomes us to marvel in all its glory and experience the beauty of their past and the promise of the future.

In the Philippines, Cartier is located at Greenbelt 4, Solaire Resorts and Casino, and Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza.