Can’t Sleep? Weighted Blankets Can Help Reduce Your Insomnia And Anxiety

Can’t Sleep? Weighted Blankets Can Help Reduce Your Insomnia And Anxiety

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If you’re finding it hard to sleep soundly at night, it’s best to invest in weighted blankets to achieve your much-deserved peaceful slumber. 

At the onset of the pandemic, many of us realized that working from home can definitely increase our productivity. But while there is a truth to that, there’s are still cons to this so-called next to normal. As the majority of our time is spent at home, there’s a tendency for the spatial divide between work and rest to be simply non-existent. In fact, as we constantly bring work into our space of rest and relaxation, it makes it more difficult now for us to unwind and get a good night’s rest. And as sad as it may be, this can, unfortunately, result in insomnia and in worse cases, anxiety.

Let’s all admit it, whether you’re a college student or part of the workforce, we tend to neglect the importance of having a good amount of sleep. Living in the midst of a global economic and health crisis, we had this urge to just keep on hustling and unintentionally categorize sleep as a non-essential, even if we know we shouldn’t. Sleep should always be on top of our list of priorities as it helps us to be productive and most importantly, sane. So, it’s critical—now more than ever—to invest in products that will help us get the necessary amount of shut-eye each night.

Weighted Blankets
Sue Ramirez

Recently, we’ve noticed so many testimonials and scientific evidence backing up the advantages regarding the sudden trend of weighted blankets on social media to the extent our favorite celebrities are posting about it, too. This new sleep essential has actually been proven to help reduce insomnia and even with anxiety. And fortunately, since its establishment in October 2019, Blanket Hugs has quickly become the Philippines’ most popular, hypoallergenic weighted blanket brand helping Filipinos achieve a faster and deeper sleep.

Weighted Blankets
Saab Magalona

Much-Needed Hugs

A Blanket Hug mimics the gentle pressure of being held. This is known as deep touch pressure, which releases serotonin—a neurotransmitter that gives us a calming effect. (Fun fact: this is actually why we get that cozy feeling every time we’re hugged.)

Following this serotonin release, our brain produces melatonin, the hormone which facilitates our sleep cycle. So, deep touch pressure allows our body to switch from “fight or flight” mode to a “rest and digest” state. When deep pressure stimulation reduces your autonomic arousal, your bodily functions that control symptoms of anxiety (such as increased heart rate and rapid breathing) are decreased with it. 

Weighted Blankets

But does it really need to be heavy? Here’s the thing, we tend to anxiously toss and turn all night, right? So, the job of weighted blankets is to literally weigh you down, keeping your body calm and snug in one position like a cocoon. This gentle force encourages stillness while you sleep as it reduces hyperactivity. That’s why it’s also recommended to select a weighted blanket that weighs 10 percent of your body weight, and its size to be determined with respect to your body instead of your bed. 

Each blanket also comes with a washable, hypoallergenic bamboo cotton duvet. The best thing about bamboo cotton is its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabric, thanks to a natural bio-agent that allows the plant to flourish in the wild without the use of any chemical fertilizers. Hence, it’s safe to say that this is a more sustainable option. And compared to common fabrics such as wool or hemp, bamboo cotton is more breathable due to the natural cooling properties of the said plant, making it the perfect material to doze off in our tropical weather.

Visit to purchase your own weighted blankets to achieve a faster and deeper sleep. Available in four sizes: Adult (P5,999/15 pounds), King/Queen (P12,999/30 pounds), Kids (P4,499/7 pounds), and Full (P9,499/20 pounds).  Blanket hugs also come in three colors: Cloud White, Slumber Beige, and Lazy Grey. Follow them on Instagram @blankethugsph  for more information and updates.

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