BVLGARI Magnifica: The Story Of The World’s 4th Heaviest Spinel

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A collection of 350 high jewelry and watch masterpieces that includes the Imperial Spinel, BVLGARI’s Magnifica is their grandest and most audacious collection yet. 

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Unveiling their 2021 high jewelry and high-end watch collection, BVLGARI’S Magnifica pays tribute to empowering women in the world across with the rarest gems­­­. Described as a pinnacle for the Italian maison’s mastery and creativity, Mauro Di Roberto, managing director of its jewelry unit goes on to share that while its two-day event launch in Milan is a symbol of hope for Italy’s fashion capital, it’s also proves that their modern customer is always on the hunt for something new.

“Clients need to see creativity, need to see newness and accompanying the brand is constant research. New gems, new ways of manufacturing, and pricing the best jewels goes beyond the product and elevates the image of the brand in general,” says Di Roberto.


Unafraid to utilize different colored gems or sizes and shapes, one of the most talked-about pieces is the Imperial Spinel. At 131.21 carats, the vibrant fuschia pink gemstone at the heart of this necklace is the fourth largest spinel in the world. Found in Tajikstan, Di Roberto shares how the piece in reality is owned by a private collector who reached out to BVLGARI for its design.

“While the other three on the list are found in museums, only in their Imperial spinel can you see the jewel in a different context. It is probably the most beautiful spinel out of the four,” he says. To emphasize the beauty of the gem as it proudly sits in the middle, its body are made with cascading diamonds and 93 carats cabochon Colombian emeralds. “I’m sure in digital this product comes out extremely beautiful but when you see it live, it’s a unique stone–it’s a story in itself.” 

While most luxury brands have adapted to e-commerce, selling high jewelry entails a physical experience. From seeing the jewels up close to trying it on, Di Roberto is transparent in disclosing that their digital app that provides an in-depth review of their pieces is not enough, so instead the brand focused on client relationship management. “Communication in the very aspect of being close to the client has remained a priority because you’re not going to have clients present today in the store. But you can definitely give a more personalized service if the client is interested. With BVLGARI, we send the home with the product and have them try it on for purchasing.”

Transforming customer relationships and e-commerce in high jewelry while constantly innovating their designs to greater heights, BVLGARI ‘Magnifica’ is an ultimate tribute to the expert craftsmanship of the Italian maestria.