Bulgari And Ambush Collaborate To Create A New Generation Of Luxury

Meet the new breed of luxury: Bulgari and Ambush Creative Director Yoon collaborate for a special Serpenti bag capsule collection.

They always say time changes things, but in reality, it is the people who actually have the power to change them. In the case of the luxury bag and jewelry industry, Bulgari is leading the charge. But this time, the jewelry house tapped Ambush, a contemporary Japanese label famed for its innovative pop art-inspired designs and experimental jewelry.

Bulgari and Ambush Yoon

Ambush made its Paris debut in 2015 with Verbal & Yoon being listed as two of the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 people influencing the global fashion industry for four consecutive years since 2015. In 2017, the Japanese label was selected as one of the top eight finalists for the LVMH prize.

So, with all the success that Ambush has already proved over time even if it’s still a young brand, Bulgari saw a big potential and wonderful opportunity by partnering with them. In doing so, Bulgari is yet again writing another inspired chapter of the “Serpenti Through the Eyes Of” series, which kicked off in 2017.

Bulgari and Ambush Yoon
Ambush Creative Director Yoon

With Ambush creative director Yoon working side by side with Bulgari, they introduced “Serpenti Through the Eyes of Ambush.” Ambush x Bulgari collection presents an unprecedented interpretation of the timeless Serpenti Forever bag, the Roman Maison’s unquestionable icon of glamour.

As Yoon Ahn grew up with Tokyo’s pop-culture, which molding her open mind and diverse creativity, her real-life inspired creations always have this high-end touch. And today, she challenges herself with a new venture: “For this capsule collection, I wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti.”

Yoon has always seen snakes as wondrous and fascinating creatures of nature. “But with Bulgari, they also became a symbol of glamour in constant evolution. Natural beauty meets human creation, all guided by a contemporary aesthetic,” she adds.

The Serpent’s Calling

Upon looking closely at the collaborative capsule, one will immediately notice the vibrant colors and unbelievably soft shapes. And that’s because such details refer to the snake’s stunning natural beauty as the core of Yoon’s vision.

Inspired by the Tree Python of South East Asia (a species famed for its striking, artificial-looking colors), Yoon designed three new styles: the Serpenti shoulder bag, the versatile Serpenti belt bag, and the dangerously tempting Serpenti Minaudière.

Bulgari and Ambush Yoon

The Serpenti shoulder bag with top handle flaunts an incredibly soft quilted body in Nappa leather. It majestically conjures the sensuality of the snake in the bag’s curvilinear look. More than that, Yoon adds an avant-garde touch with the accentuated shapes and the chunky metallic details.

In tune with the snake’s transformative powers, the Serpenti belt bag is a must-have accessory as it offers countless styling possibilities—whether you have a lunch meeting or a date night. This essential 24-hour bag is endowed with a removable belt and a detachable shoulder strap and can be worn around the waist, as a playful crossbody or even as a stylish shoulder bag.

Bulgari and Ambush Yoon

Although, if there’s really a showstopper among the three, it will undoubtedly be the Serpenti Minaudiere evoking the wondrous heart shape that snakes can take in nature. Coming in two versions—one in black Nappa leather and one in aluminum—this could just probably be the ultimate evening accessory that perfectly captures Yoon’s Tokyo style taken through an unexpected nod to Bulgari’s DNA as a jeweler.

Leather Is The New Metal

If you’ve been following Bulgari over the years, you’ll notice that the Serpenti accessories and jewelry are made of precious metals—from gold, rose gold, to palladium. However, the Bulgari x Ambush collection ventured into the urban-glam side of design.

Yoon’s successfully created an array of irresistible accessories: a heart-shaped coin case, three different credit card holders singed with the Bulgari and Ambush logo, and a three-coil Serpenti bracelet in colored Nappa leather complemented by a metallic snakehead.

Bulgari and Ambush Yoon

According to Bulgari’s Accessory Unit Managing Director, “to collaborate with a young powerful woman like Yoon is an incredibly inspiring experience. The visionary designer has reimagined our icon of glamour Serpenti with her unbridled creative approach achieving an entirely unexpected result.” And because of that, the Bulgari snake proves that it never fails to amaze and surprise.

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