From Swag To Suave: How The BTS Style Evolved Through The Years

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Chart-topping music aside, BTS has been long dominating the world of fashion with show-stopping looks for almost eight consecutive years now—rightfully deserving to be recognized for their sharp sense of style.

As each day passes by, Bangtan Sonyeondan—better known as BTS or Beyond The Scene—is getting more and more known across the globe. The biggest K-Pop boyband is rapidly expanding their musical universe with army converts exponentially multiplying here and there. Over the past years, they have already gone through numerous concepts, which is always followed by a new wardrobe as well.

With that said, BTS has constantly made sure to keep up in the ever-changing fashion landscape. From music videos, photoshoots, to red carpets, the slickest Korean male artists are fashionistas in their own right. And true to form, their recently released music video, Dynamite, sure proves just that. But before we re-watch their newest hit-song and put it on repeat, let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out their most inimitable style evolution through the years.

Hip-hop Grunge


When BTS debuted, it was really evident that they had an apparent hip-hop style. In their music video No More Dream, their looks consisted mostly of gold chains, printed scarves, high-top sneakers, and lots of blacks—like, A LOT.

All White

BTS Style


After a while, they finally went over to the other side of the color spectrum: white. Following their first album, BTS released O!RUL82? complete with a new music video, N.O. While they only refrained from donning an all-black ensemble, their affinity for hip-hop fashion was still there—thanks to the gold chains and high-tops.

Class Troublemakers


BTS Style

On their third album, we’ve noticed that they depicted characters that the majority of girls would undoubtedly love to have: a bad boy hottie. In their music videos Skool Luv Affair and Just One Day, BTS garbed themselves with school uniforms—from dress shirts, trousers, neckties, and white cardigans.

The Godfather


Though tinged with the same angst from their previous albums, the Dark And Wild era was could be considered as more formal. We’re seeing them somehow channeling a reckless mafia lover putting on suit jackets, brogues, and pinstripes brands like Diesel and Kenzo, which already signaled to how their style would evolve to who they are now.

Fashion Avenue


Perhaps it’s safe to say The Most Beautiful Moment In Life epoch was really the start of the supergroup’s revolutionary style transformation and rise to mainstream stardom. In this trilogy, we’ve witnessed how BTS improved their styling sensibilities, reflective of how Millennials dress, and clad in various designer looks. From Givenchy, Dior Homme, Saint Laurent, to Gucci, we love seeing them sport the fashion industry with the season’s most coveted fits.

Suit Up


Fast-forward to Blood, Sweat, and Tears, BTS surely came to surprise us dressed up in dapper ensembles. Bidding farewell to their hip-hop fashion, all of them became extremely posh in printed suit jackets, leather shoes, and exuding a hint of sultriness with their button-downs halfway opened—ooh la la.

Disco Kings


Last, but definitely not least, we have arrived at present-day BTS. The moment they unveiled their first-ever all-English song Dynamite, for which they broke the 24-hour music debut record on YouTube. But apart from the earworm music and next-level choreography, we can’t deny how much we loved their take on the disco era. Donning suits, flared pants, and loafers, BTS is beyond doubt a force to be reckoned in Gucci—a brand that’s only fitting to represent the 70s.