Bring Your Style Back To Life With This Levi’s Red Guide

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This handy styling guide lays down essential tips on how to wear this year’s fresh new styles and the resurgence of classic ones, or even a combination of both in Levi’s Red

As we venture into the new year and eagerly await new styles and trends, there’s always something about our past that tugs us back ever so slightly. The nostalgia hit from heritage brands and classic fits never go out of style, even as the fashion world takes unexpected tumbles and turns. For almost 150 years, Levi’s® has become undeniably one of the most recognizable garments in the world. You’ve seen it on the rear of the timeless 501’s–a tan patch by the waistline branded in red. This new year, Levi’s® carries their heritage with pride as they launch a pretty apt collection called Levi’s Red.

Inspired by the brand’s workwear roots and elevated through the season’s Loosen Up style, Levi’s Red proves that beauty lies in the details, whether through a clean pop of red from stitching, or a vibrant yet pleasing contrast of colors. Reminiscent of the classic patch often replicated but never duplicated, Levi’s® combines earth tones and the bold red color to boast a style that pays homage to the past and faces the future head on.

Want to include a pop of red in your closet rotation? We have crafted a quick guide to inspire your personal styling with a fit for every occasion.

Crimson casual

Levi's Red Graphic Tee and Vintage Tee

Who dresses up formally these days? Whether for work or for play, grab the comfortable LR Graphic Tee in True Red or the LR Vintage Tee in Blanket Stripe Star Sapphire for a youthful look. Further build your look by pairing your top with your favorite Levi’s® denim jeans and sporty sneakers, and elevate it by accessorizing with a crossbody bag or bucket hat.

Sleeves with a sliver of scarlet

Levi's Red Denim Woven in Ocean Beach Sand and Red Logo Hoodie Ecru

For upcoming special occasions, or just to add an interesting layer to your casual look, put on the LR Denim Woven in Ocean Beach Sand (buttoned up or wide open) on top of a soft tee. If lazy days take over, the comfort and convenience of grabbing the LR Graphic Sweatshirt in Levi’s® Red Logo Hoodie Ecru can do wonders to take your look from mildly interesting to inspired. Freely match these tops with the LR 502 in Diamond Sea with eye-catching gold stitching to compliment the fit’s cream tone.

Double-down on Levi’s denim

Levi's Red Trucker jacket and the Levi's Red High Loose Taper

It can’t be Levi’s® without some trademark denim. But with such a staple piece, how can you go bold? Make a strong statement by pairing together the LR Trucker jacket and the LR High Loose Taper in the same shade of Midday Break. While denim-on-denim might be a risky fashion statement to stand by, having matching shades can create a uniform look. If you’re looking to break the monotony, put on the LR SS Boyfriend Tee in Levi’s® Red Logo Tee True Red underneath.

The Levi’s Red collection adds variation to your style as you continue to conquer the new year. If you’re a Levi’s VIP Club member, you can get exclusive discounts on new arrivals and be a part of a club with exclusive perks and rewards when you shop online and in all Levi’s® boutique stores nationwide.

Shop the Levi’s Red collection at their web store and visit their website for the latest news. Don’t forget to follow Levi’s on Instagram and Facebook as well.