5 Underrated Travel Destinations In The Philippines To Book Now With Seat Sale
Booking A Seat Sale? These Are 5 Underrated Travel Destinations In The Philippines To Consider Now

Booking A Seat Sale? These Are 5 Underrated Travel Destinations In The Philippines To Consider Now

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There’s really no need to leave the country just to unwind when the Philippines has the best-underrated destinations that you can visit now without breaking the bank.

Traveling has been more accessible nowadays thanks to the ever-powerful technology. With a lot of breakthroughs that happened in the past decade, you can already book your accommodations and flight online instead of relying on your local travel agency.

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Seeing the world has become a reality for a huge number of people, especially for Filipinos. From Japan, South Korea, USA to France, every destination is not a farfetched dream anymore. However, with the sudden pandemic spreading across the globe right now with COVID-19, there are travel bans imposed by the government that immensely affect the travel industry.

In as much as people want to keep on exploring what the world has to offer, unfortunately it is only logical to postpone trips to safeguard themselves from the virus. While we agree that safety is the top priority, we don’t think you need to postpone your much-deserved vacation. Why? That’s because you don’t have to travel abroad when you can already unwind in your own home country.

Believe us when we say that the Philippines actually has a lot to offer. Heck, even the rest of the world agrees. There are a handful of destinations that Filipinos themselves must still explore. And given that all the major airlines in the country are having a seat sale—literally—right now, this is a sign for you to book your next vacation and support local tourism. Let’s face it: who doesn’t like a sale, especially if it’s one that involves traveling?

Here are the underrated travel destinations you need to visit now.

Panglao, Bohol

Majority of the tourists visiting Bohol would normally opt to see the famous Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers. But what others are forgetting is the excellent beach destination of Bohol, and it’s none other than Panglao.

Photo from journeyera

Located in the northern part of the island, Panglao has one of the best beaches in the country. From watching the sunset on the horizon, cliff diving, to swimming with the turtles, Panglao deserves to be on your travel bucket list.

Tacloban, Leyte

When you arrive in Tacloban now, you wouldn’t think (at a glance) that it was struck by the world’s biggest typhoon in 2013. You’ll be amazed by the structural beauty of the San Juanico bridge, the sumptuous seafood, and even the jolly and positive personality of the locals.

Photos from tourism.biliranisland

But apart from the city’s offerings, the true gem that Leyte is hiding is Kalanggaman Island. It’s a beautiful long white sand beach in the municipality of Palompon, and it could actually pass as a virgin island because the local tourism office only allows a maximum of 500 tourists per day to preserve its beauty.

Cagayan de Oro

Not quite into going to the beaches already and want to spice up your next travel? Then Cagayan de Oro is your best bet. It’s a must-visit destination due to its plethora of fun thrills to satisfy your adventurous heart. Have your most unforgettable trip as you explore nature with your foot or a raft.

Cagayan de Oro is already an urbanized city, but they were still able to preserve the beauty of their nature. And make sure to witness it first-hand by either going for river trek or row a raft along the rushing river of Misamis Oriental.


If you’re looking to immerse yourself for some local history, Bacolod has one of the wonderful stories to tell. From its heritage sights, local art scene, to Negrense cuisine, all of it has a very interesting background. In fact, each post-war mansion has a juicy story that you’ll surely be intrigued.

Photo by Byan Villarosa

Bacolod also has a 16-hectare banana-shaped island boasting azure blue water and white sand called as the Lakawon Island. But for our must-try adventure here would definitely be the street food escapade such as the Pala-Pala.

San Vicente, Palawan

When someone wants to travel to Palawan, there are only three destinations that automatically come to mind: Puerto Princesa, Coron (Busuanga), and El Nido. Although, what some haven’t explored yet is Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan.

Photo from @dianazoned on Instagram

This is actually one of the most up and coming destinations in the country, so we suggest to visit this haven before it is teemed by a growing flock of tourists. Enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature as you snorkel over untouched reefs or simply chill by the beach.