These Perfect Holiday Bouquets Last Longer than You Think

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Reaching a couple more Christmas nights is what these blooms are all about

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="172028,172030"] Seeing as the season of giving is upon us once again, we are back to our usual state of wonder–wondering what to get for our friends and family. Since gifts that can only be used temporarily are so last season, it’s now time to present them with something else that could last so much longer than we think. It’s even better to consider the benefits of what we give our loved ones, instead of getting them random items that don’t mean as much. Blooms Artisan’s dried flower arrangements may just take the cake when it comes to well-thought out gifts that are beneficial to everyone. Blooms Artisan Dried Flower Arrangements Since their launch in the beginning of this year, Blooms Artisan has grown into a simple yet elegant brand that ensures the utmost quality. With a wide range of products that last for up to two to three years when properly taken care of, Blooms Artisan prides itself with their dried lavender arrangements, with flowers flown in straight from Holland and France. Their original lavender arrangement, Helmie, is curated so beautifully that it became the brand’s best-seller. What’s even better is that the flower arrangement that started it all eventually grew and expanded into two more arrangements, specifically Yuna and Gail, that incorporate a few more dried flowers to blend with the main star of the show.

Nature's way of calming you down

[gallery display="slider" columns="1" size="full" ids="172032,172092,172093,172094,172095"] Commonly used in aromatherapy, lavender provides well-deserved relaxation to anyone who gets even just the slightest whiff of it. The scent is believed to promote calmness, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and even mild pain. This is why Blooms Artisan is doing more with lavender–apart from their other flowers like dried peonies and dried roses–to further encourage wellness in the mind and body. To know more about Blooms Artisan and their aesthetically-pleasing dried flower arrangements that are perfect for the holidays, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.