Same Friends, New Traditions: The Blogger Besties and Blogger Jowas Share What’s New This Christmas

New holiday experiences and a whole lot of family time excite the group of Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy

The Christmas spirit flows freely through the Blogger Besties–Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy. It takes careful planning for these high-spirited personalities to celebrate their own holiday traditions while leaving space for new experiences. Each of them has a Christmas moment they’re looking forward to the most, from travels to reunions.

Creating a sense of home away from home

“The holidays are always full of happy memories for me,” Camille shares. These include meals at her grandparents’ house and evening strolls with her father around Makati during her childhood. But now, she looks forward to creating new traditions while keeping the memories of her past celebrations at heart. This includes a Christmas celebration at Tampere, Finland, the hometown of her husband Joni Koro. There, Camille can experience the Finnish traditions Joni grew up with, along with a delectable selection of Finnish dinner specials.

On the other side of the globe, the Prietos look to spend their holidays in Japan. What will make it extra special for Patricia, however, is her sister Pauline’s homecoming. “We haven’t done a trip complete with the whole family in years,” she admits. Before the family’s festivities abroad, however, Patricia is keen on setting time with her friends for their annual Blogger Besties Christmas party and Kris Kringle. 

From a generous heart

For Kryz and Laureen, this Christmas is all about giving back to the ones who matter most to them. Sure, most people can get caught up with all the shopping and gift-giving, but showing true appreciation and gratitude can come in many forms. “It’s not just the material gifts, but giving time to spend with the family, giving effort to make meals, and thinking of the best presents to give,” Kryz says.

On the other hand, Laureen looks to split her holidays between herself and her boyfriend Miggy Cruz. Planning their gatherings is a real exercise in teamwork: “So we’ve come up with a plan: after welcoming Christmas, Miggy goes to my place and spends time with my family. The following day, we have dinner at his place.” But more than spending ample time with each side of the partnership, Miggy looks to surprise his family with his own take on a Noche Buena dish: “My mom is always the one who prepares the entire spread, so maybe this year, Laureen and I can cook a dish for Noche Buena,” he says. 

A family of goodwill

For the Besties and Jowas, they are always brimming with fun, laughter, and excitement. Keeping the holiday cheer alive, they bring excitement to any party with games and challenges, such as the men styling the ladies in glamorous party attires, and team battles to guess popular holiday tunes. These simple activities create a stronger bond within the group and show a more genuine side of their personalities, something that the girls are keen in sharing to the public. Camille states, “There’s only one thing I bring to the table that other people can’t—my voice, my passion, my purpose.” Laureen adds, “We should never compare ourselves to anyone. We should always be inspired, but never imitate.”

With the new holiday trends and exciting activities keeping these Blogger Besties on their toes, they look forward to sharing the gift of love, joy, and camaraderie with others. And as this year comes to a close, they hope that the memories made will push them to a great new year.

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