BL Style: 10 Best Street-Ready Looks Of BrightWin So Far

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Here are the top 10 fashion moments where BrightWin proved how they are style superstars decked in designer clothes, no less.

It’s no secret that BrightWin already captivated our soft hearts and making us experience all the feels as we binge-watch 2gether series, which is all thanks to their impeccable chemistry. While compared to other popular young adult series like Riverdale or Sex Education, most of the BL series like this doesn’t really have a very serious plot wherein they need to solve an overarching mystery.

Instead, they gave us something that’s really an escape from the meanness of society, especially towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Perhaps we’re all so tired from the typical hetero stories that it’s high time for us to watch something that actually validates our emotions.

Now, apart from the fact that they know how to easily charm us with their wits and sparkly eyes, they also know how to beguile us with their own sense of style. Whether they’re going to a fancon or just casually strolling across the city, they never forget to keep their sartorial taste intact. So, we listed down our top 10 favorite fashion moments of Brightwin, and, well, to bless your timeline with their jaw-dropping photos.

Cruise Control

BL Brightwin

What better way to cap off your day than by going for a chill ride on your speedboat, right? So, as he watched the beautiful sun finally set, Bright donned a classic Burberry Trench coat—a definite must-have for the season.


Looks like the gang’s right around the corner as Win channels the good ol’ disco era all decked in Gucci. But more than that, we love how he’s showcasing us his very own take on the oversized trend—from peter pan collars, jackets, to wide pants.

Color BlockingBL Brightwin

Color blocking is never an easy trend to ace. You have to be knowledgeable about how the color wheel works for you to mix and match various hues. But for Bright, he definitely knows how to wear the right amount of colors.

Red Roses

As if all the kilig they gave us watching 2gether wasn’t enough, Win offering us a sundae surely melts our hearts once more. Come to think of it, heart’s day is next month already and his red Givenchy ensemble is beyond perfect for the occasion.

The Cult

Seems like it’s not only Filipinos who are very well attracted to the design philosophy of Uniqlo’s creative director NIGO, because Thai stars also share the same sentiments. We spotted Bright sporting an entire Louis Vuitton look from its exclusive collaboration with NIGO.

Staples Center

BL Brightwin

When splurging for designer clothes, it’s always a must to invest in pieces where you can style them in so many ways. So, it was only fitting for Win to get from Louis Vuitton’s Staples edition—a standalone collection that’s inspired by the idea of wardrobe staples.

Electric Love

You can never go wrong by opting for neutrals. But as everyone already knows, you have to elevate your look from the rest. And Bright surely takes his style game to the next level by wearing a cross-body Prada utility bag in this year’s Pantone color, no less.

Slow Blues

BL Brightwin

Keeping up with the changes in the creative direction of storied fashion houses, Win dons Burberry’s newly launched logo under the helm of Ricardo Tisci. And while this hue definitely shouts “British” channeling the very climate of London, the BL star sure is far from gloomy.

Trunk Or Treat

Denim will always be a wardrobe staple in the menswear department, simply because it can strikingly balance edginess and a clean, polished look. And nobody can prove this better than Bright himself, opting for a denim on denim ensemble wearing Louis Vuitton’s Staples edition.


BL Brightwin

Wearing loud logos has been one of the fashion trends that’s truly far from slowing down. Regardless if designers are starting to veer away from creating collections revolving around the trend, the consumer market still wants more, one of which is Win himself as he’s decked in Louis Vuitton’s exclusive collaboration with NIGO.