Everything That Makes Your Water Bottle Clean, Safe, And Stylish

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We’re always told to stay hydrated. Whatever the season may be, hydration should always be at the top of our beauty routines. So we inattentively just take all the water we can get in a day. But not every water bottle you’re drinking from is safe and clean. Some may offer stylish designs but not all can assure you that they’re free from negative side effects. Are they BPA-Free and stylishly protected? Here’s your ultimate guide to picking the right hydration bottles:


bpa-free bkr bottle | MEGA

We’ve heard this many times before and it can be a real deal-breaker for your water bottle. BPA or bisphenol A has long been used in creating plastics and resins. This chemical can put your health at serious risks. It increases a person’s chance in getting cancers, reduced fertility, birth defects, and diabetes. Though some plastic bottles claim to be BPA-Free, always remember that plastics marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 may be made with BPA. It’s best to completely abandon the idea of using plastics instead.

Stylish Protection

bpa-free bkr bottle | MEGA

Skipping plastic and metal bottles leaves us only with ones made with glass. We all know how fragile it can get so getting one with the right amount of protection it needs is a total lifesaver. Get a water bottle with silicon sleeves to keep it safe from scratches and breaking. While it may already be enough, it’s always best to have them in fun, stylish colors to keep up with any of your outfits for the day.

All these can be found in the bkr bottle. It’s your clean, safe, and luxurious alternative to plastic bottles. You don’t have to worry about its glass body with its protective silicon sleeve. It’s quiet to set down and easy to grip on. Not to mention, the cap is leak-proof to prevent contamination and for easier safekeeping in your bag.

Get your hands on the bkr bottles via Beauty Bar, Rustan’s, and BeautyMNL.