Beyond Leisure: Why Chris Evans Said Yes To Visiting The Philippines
Beyond Leisure: Why Chris Evans Said Yes To Visiting The Philippines

Beyond Leisure: Why Chris Evans Said Yes To Visiting The Philippines

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Proving that he’s more than a fictional supersoldier, Chris Evans is a real-life hero worth looking up to, especially for the next generation.

Following their successful campaigns of getting famous actors from the east, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the Philippines has ventured to get an ambassador from the ever-glamorous industry of Hollywood. Joining forces in bridging the gap in the digital divide, Chris Evans has been enlisted as its newest face.

The surprise coup was retweeted by its very own chairman, Manny V. Pangilinan, on his own official account on Thursday, March 4, 2021. In the film, the Captain America incarnate appeared in a remarkable commercial helmed by the famed German-director, Pascal Heiduk.

Chris Evans was shown at the edge of a cliff overlooking a breathtaking endless view of the ocean. And in the film, he reminds everyone that whatever action we do—regardless if it’s big or small—can affect the world around us.

Chris Evans Philippines Smart

He then asks us an important question, “if the world gave us a second chance, what would we do? Should we do good or should we do better?” Indeed, now that we’re living in the midst of a pandemic, which can actually serve as our reset button, it’s only right that we live smarter to make the world better. “Let us strive to save what we can, while we can,” he encourages everyone. “Share more knowledge to build… and not to destroy.”

A Starting Point

Last year, Chris Evans launched A Starting POINT, a civic engagement platform where he interviews various US politicians and stakeholders in minute-long videos to discuss American policies and newsworthy topics.

According to the actor, “it was born out of recognizing that we were living in this proliferation of misinformation—that it’s really hard to have a political discussion with people because most people come into the table with their own set of facts and information.”

Joe Kiani, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Mark Kassen and Chris Evans. Photo from A Starting Point.

“So it felt like the most intuitive way to rage against that would be getting the information from elected officials directly from themselves to the electorate so we have at least an understanding of who the people in office are and what they believe in,” he adds.

However, before we can arrive at that point wherein we can have healthy discourse on various topics whether political, economic, or social, the digital divide must be bridged first. So, it’s really serendipitous that Chris Evans happens to be advocating for a cause that aligns with the telco company’s campaign. He has the same advocacies wherein he uses technology in connecting to the communities, in this case, A Starting Point.

The telco company’s Vice President for Community Partnership Darwin Flores shares, “we believe that technologies should be inclusive. And as far as education is concerned, then it should serve the purpose of enabling technology for all. Not just those in the cities, not just those with access on the internet… otherwise mahuhuli ang ating mga kababayan.”

“So, we’re truly honored to collaborate with Chris on this project. He captivated the world for being a hero not just in film but also in real life by using his influence to help shape a better world for all,” Senior Vice President of the telco Jane Bases adds.

And apparently, it was the Hollywood star who also admits that he has always “liked the idea of working with a company in the Philippines.” So for Chris, to be an ambassador of a”very-forward thinking company, felt like a good fit.”

More Than Leisure

Whenever the leading telecommunications company enlists an international star to be part of its family, it’s always part of their contract to visit the Philippines. Although this is true, what convicted Chris Evans to saying yes was because of an advocacy that matters to him very dearly.

The telco’s President and Chief Revenue Officer Alfredo Panlilio shares that when he opened the conversation of coming to the Philippines and visit the islands, he excitedly answered with a yes. “We can bring him to Amanpulo if he wants to go there. But hopefully, when travel restrictions are lifted and it’s safe again,” he clarifies.

Chris Evans Philippines Smart

After all, having a world-class actor like Chris Evans as an ambassador requires an extremely safe environment. That’s because when he arrives and visits the Philippines, it seems that he’s not only here for leisure; rather he’s also visiting to get on the ground and make sure that even far-flung communities could have better access to education and factual information through technology.

“I’ve heard great things—great beaches! I heard great food and wonderful people. I mean every time I am in any sort of Asian territory it’s always hard to leave because it is incredibly welcoming,” he admits. So, since Filipinos are known for its warm hospitality across the globe, we’re pretty sure that Captain America would have a hard time leaving the country.