Beyoncé and CL Hint Of A Pumped Up Collab That Will Definitely Get You Moving

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In this collaboration, Ivy Park partners with Adidas to release these Beyoncé-approved active wear and  sneakers.

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Looking extremely stylish in her three-striped tracksuit, we seriously want to cop Beyoncé’s sporty ensemble from the Ivy Park x Adidas collection ASAP. For the Sasha Fierce-anointed athleisure brand, we have long been waiting for a collaboration that fits it to a T. When Beyoncé first announced the official launch on Instagram, it was all high anticipation since then for the providential date of January 18, 2020. And, if you’ve noticed, CL was with Beyoncé in the video. Now, that’s another big team up on top of this already coveted release.

Photo from @beyonce

With the collaboration anchored on inclusivity, the Ivy Park x Adidas unisex pieces are shattering all stereotypes. Wondering the reason behind this? Beyoncé explained it herself: “I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules,” Beyoncé shares on an interview with Elle. “I took a chance on myself when I bought my company back. We all have the confidence in us to take chances and bet on ourselves.” After seeing so many men in Ivy Park, Queen B focused on what she knew will sell for everyone.

Photo from @beyonce

Apart from what Beyoncé had already posted on her Instagram–a highly covetable pair of Ivy Park x Adidas white and maroon gum sole sneakers fit for any–the collection will also feature pieces such as the Ultra Boost, Nite Jogger, tracksuits, biker shorts, hooded jackets, and cargo pants. Coming in distinctive colors such as Ecru Tint, Grey, Maroon, and Solar Orange, each piece from the collection can instantly elevate your fitness and footwear game.

Watch Ivy Park X Adidas video teaser here: