In A Mood? These 4 New Scents Are Your Best Perk-Me-Up This Season

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Whether evocative or comforting, scents can really dictate a mood on the daily. So, as the season shifts, here are our picks for you to spritz and spray.

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Once you’ve found your signature scent, you own it and that exact fragrance becomes you. While there could be a particular scent that complements the season, like a citrusy and flowery fragrance for summer, it all goes down to what smells pleasant for you. Thus, we’ve rounded up the best perfumes that are great to wear, especially this summer season. But still note that given our current situation, we always need to be spritzing two things: our favorite scent and a sanitizing alcohol.

Gabrielle Chanel Essence


Inspired from the very essence of Gabrielle’s radiance, the fragrance shines with intensity, inviting all women to be their best yet true self. This grand floral embodies a solar vibration and makes the woman who wears it standout. The luminous and airy Gabrielle Chanel envelopes the essence with a soft whisper of citrus, tangy dash of berries, and edgier base notes of sandalwood vanilla and white musk.

Lavenderland Collection by Jo Malone


Travel through purple pathways and violet visions of English lavenders that instantly delivers a positive aura to whoever smells it. Jo Malone introduces a limited edition collection of fresh fragrances that houses an iconic sweet ingredient—English lavender present in each scent in various richness. The collection includes strikingly aromatic Wisteria & Lavender, fresh with a cool woodiness Silver Birch & Lavender, and cascading with soft florals Lavender & Coriander.

Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver

Typically a masculine scent, you too can get a touch of Terre to offer a new perspective with fresher sense of sight, or well, smell. Perfume creator Christine Nagel offers an original expression to the power of Terre—one that illuminates an unexplored territory. From examining Terre at its every angle to desiring its intimate mechanics, the fragrance goes through deconstruction, reassembling, and rearranging, and finally revealing.

Nautica Voyage

Feel the warmth of summer heat while enjoying the calming ocean waves with the harmonious and exciting scent of Nautica Voyage.  With its fresh, cool, and aquatic aroma, Nautica Voyage lets you embrace the invigorating experience of the open sea and sails with top notes of green leaf and crisp apple. And, the presence of a truly endearing and deep masculine scent through water lotus, drenched mimosa, damp moss, musk, and refined wood amber ingredients.