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Beloved Filipino Photographer Raymund Isaac Has Passed Away

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The well-known celebrity photographer has reportedly died at the age of 59.

After being hospitalized in the U.S at the end of July, Raymund Isaac has reportedly died today, September 4. He was 59.

Having worked with some of the country’s biggest names such as Gretchen Barretto, Robin Padilla, and Toni Gonzaga, among others, Raymund Isaac has become a recognizable name in the world of photography. A well-beloved name in the industry, he was often described as a people photographer, and considered as the first celebrity photographer in the industry.

“Raymund was so ahead of the curve. His gut feel and pulse for the market was so spot on,” Suki Salvador, president of One Mega Group shared. “Before anyone became a start, they would have to first be legitimized by Raymund Isaac.” He has also won numerous awards for his works. Raymund Isaac won the Beauty & Fashion category in American Photo Magazine for 4 consecutive years, and won overall Limited Edition Book category in the Asia Pacific & Japan region for Print Excellence by HP Indigo. Apart from that, he has also collaborated with international publications and companies such as Evian and De Beers.

Not only is he a well-known photographer, Raymund Isaac is also a beloved character for every single one who has had the opportunity to meet and work with him. Suki Salvador, current One Mega Group president worked as his assistant for 5 years and as the Operations Manager of Portfolio Studio. He says, “As a friend, Raymund was very caring especially to family and his team. He made sure everyone was taken care of, even down to the utility staff who was assisting in production. Raymund Isaac had the biggest heart.”

Rest in peace, Raymund Isaac.

All photos are from Raymund Isaac’s website.