Bela Padilla Conquers Europe in Style With These Luxury Bags
Bela Padilla Conquers Europe in Style With These Luxury Bags

Bela Padilla Conquers Europe in Style With These Luxury Bags

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Bela is a jetsetter who makes the world her runway, and her travel companions come in different fabrics, styles, and names

Reliability and style factor are two things that we must look for in bags. These criteria are essential especially if we are planning to hop on different modes of transportation and visit different parts of the world. Expect lots of tossing and turning when you’re moving around the globe, so your travel companion must be ready for anything. At the end of the day, fashion, indeed, involves levels of practicality; and this is one fact that actress Bela Padilla knows by heart. 

As the actress-slash-director flies to and from Europe, she has sported a number of looks to match the feel of each vicinity. From Berlin to London to Milan and back, Bela made sure to mark every city with a new bag from her collection. With that said, here are some of Bela’s best bags from her stay in Europe: 

Going classic Gucci

No bag collection is complete without a piece from the past. For her year-end London trip in 2021, Bela brought out her GG Rajah tweed chain tote. 

Bela wears Prada

How did the actress pay homage to the homeland of the luxury brand? She brought her very own logo plaque tote bag as she roamed the streets of Milan. 

Berlin and Burberry

Street art has been thriving in this German city, and it seemed like Bela did her research on Berlin. Another bag kept her company for the tour— the graffiti-covered small crossbody rucksack.

Chilling with Fendi

Cozying up in Davos, Switzerland, the multi-hyphenate personality opted for a more refined ensemble with pieces from Carolina Herrera. Her beige Peekaboo ISEEU from Fendi definitely wrapped up the whole look well. 

LV in Paris

The actress had her fashion moment in Paris carrying her trusty Coussin PM from the Maison. It certainly takes guts to strut the streets of a fashion capital. Thanks to this bag’s edgy, chunky elements, spunk was added to Bela’s style.

Photos from BELA PADILLA (via Instagram)

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