Before You Start Dating, These Are The New Trends To Look Out For And Remember In 2020
Before You Start Dating, These Are The New Trends To Look Out For And Remember In 2020

Before You Start Dating, These Are The New Trends To Look Out For And Remember In 2020

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If you genuinely feel that 2020 is a good year to finally give romance a go, then buckle up because we are helping you navigate this tricky, testy, and tempestuous landscape with friendly advice, flags to keep an eye out for, and new dating trends to remember.

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So, you finally are giving love a go this year. Great. Despite what chick flicks and perfectly filtered Instagram posts tell us, dating is no fun and games. There is no sugarcoating it, so we suggest you forget about Romeo and Juliet, because although a fairytale happy ending may one day be a real thing, getting there is just a whole different ride altogether.

The fact stands true: Dating is no longer what it used to be. A very tricky, testy, and tempestuous thing to navigate, it takes even the strongest and wills them through the wringer and back. So, before you even get a head start, it is best to know what you are getting into. This means learning all the new dating trends emerging to best equip you for this pursuit. In keeping up with the times, however, it is time we leave the ghosting, catfishing, and bird boxing behind because here are some of the new dating trends that you could either do to someone or be done to you. Well, at least we’re hoping not.


From the TV series Fleabag came the fleabagging dating trend, which calls the attention of people who end up with the wrong one every single time. As dismal as it sounds, it does not suggest for us to feel hopeless in any way. After all, learning new life lessons from each dating experience can change your perspective and life choices until you eventually meet the right one.


Engaging in the romantic and exciting sexual tendencies with the person you’re dating will eventually arrive to an erratic inconsistency. When one of you has had enough and decides to take a break, choosing to momentarily step out of the relationship, this is otherwise known as flashpanning. (Yes, apparently, a cool off is now old news.)

Dial Toning

Acquaintance these days are definitely worlds apart from what they used to be. Forget slipping those numbers on (gasp) pieces of paper, because a manifestation of attraction today means an exchange of social media handles. However, and perhaps an offshoot of the erstwhile phenomenon of ghosting, you are dial-toning someone once they’ve tried reaching on your given number, but you refused to reply. Sounds familiar?


Have you ever gotten a notification from someone whom you’ve dated way back, but sad news, they aren’t missing you or anything. Your ex is cause-playing on you if they are simply sending you some personal page which currently preoccupies them, trying to gain likes, views, or shares. Getting a little support from person you dated previously dated can be really awkward, right?

White Clawing

We’re not saying this sounds desperate, but white clawing is when you stick around with someone who has the looks even if you never really clicked in the first place. With their prepossessing features, you go along and continue to date them despite the boredom. (Okay, it might sound desperate and honestly, a tad sad.)


In dating, showing the real you is the most necessary. But if you’re starting to find yourself getting involved in some sort of sports or recreation which you never thought you’d do, then you might already be eclipsing. Eclipsing is when you’re beginning to adapt to certain things your partner likes. Whether it’s to please them or you’re getting hooked as well, as long as you enjoy it, why not?

Yellow Carding

Giving your date a warning won’t cause harm. Yellow carding is when you call them out for a foul or bad behavior. This may or may not result to a changed behavior, but at least you’ve taken an active step to be straightforward instead of dilly-dallying unlike the rest.

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When you start dating someone, there are two things that have to be out of the picture, no matter what—his ex and your ex. I mean, who still needs their insignificant presence? But when his ex is bothering you with unsolicited messages, your dating game is now filed under exoskeleton-ing.


Every time we go on a date, honest to goodness, we take all the efforts in glamming ourselves up and dressing up nicely. However, when you’re good to go and they pulled out the “let’s take a rain check card” during the last minute, what else could be more worse? Honey, you’ve just been glamboozled.


If you’re an avid fan of astrology or Chinese zodiacs, it could highly affect your dating perspective. You would check on matching charts to find out whether you’re a good pair with a fellow Aquarius, fellow Year of the Rat, or whatsoever. Just like your favorite actors and their eventual falling to the tropes and traps of a comfort zone, you begin typecasting by filtering your dating choices according to these astrological results.


Boo. While we leave ghosting in 2019, it’s still inevitable to actually be left by someone without warning. We know how painful it is, okay? This time though, we’re taking a friendlier level of ghosting to caspering, wherein you try to inform your date that you’re soon becoming invisible.

Additional text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena