Bea Alonzo On The Perfect Gift To Buy For Anyone This Christmas

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While gift-giving is already expected every Christmas, there’s always a challenge on how to outdo the presents you gave last year. There’s also the pressure on how to look effortlessly elegant and who gives the best gifts one event after another (not to mention, reunions are starting to become even more glamorous these days). But since we already learned how to look effortlessly sophisticated with jewelry according to Bea Alonzo, this time around, she shares this season’s perfect gift to buy for anyone without getting it wrong.

According to her, jewelry is a great gift one can give to their loved ones because “it’s something that they can keep close and admire every day. The craftsmanship, the design, and the brilliant, colorful gems and stones speak of how valuable and special that person is to you.”

Bea Alonzo On The Perfect Gift To Buy For Anyone This Christmas

When asked what gift Bea would give to her mom this Christmas, she chose a necklace that’s “as fabulous as her.” Being the newest brand ambassadress of F&C Jewelry, there’s no better brand to get the perfect gift from but from the home-grown brand itself. After all, the jewelry label has been in the industry for 45 years already which only proves that they have consistently offered an array of beautiful, handcrafted pieces.

Bea also explained that the brand’s jewels are “as enduring as they are timeless.” The diverse range of designs can easily fit the personalities of your loved ones. Not only are these beautiful, but these are also sure to last for a lifetime.

Watch the video below to know how Bea Alonzo plans to sophisticatedly celebrate the holidays—from vacations, gifts, to what she loves the most about the season of giving.

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